The Bugs Group Kid’s Birthday Parties in Solihull and Birmingham


As well as running classes and clubs in schools, holiday camps in Solihull and Birmingham, The Bugs Group also run Kid’s Birthday Parties, allowing your child to have a special day that they will never forget!

Whether your child is Football mad, loves to Dance or wishes to relax with Yoga – The Bugs Group can provide a party full of fun and games on their big day!
A FootieBugs kid’s birthday party is perfect for both younger and older children. Younger children are taken on magical football based adventures and play fun party games, while older children enjoy their favourite football games and activities such as penalty shootouts and also play matches in a tournament.
FootieBugs Kid's Football Birthday Parties
YogaBugs kid’s birthday party offers a unique party, where children are taken on magical adventures through a combination of storytelling and imagination with yoga inspired movements. Each party can have a different theme which can be tailored to perfectly suit your child’s interests and hobbies!
Finally, a DanceBugs kid’s birthday party encourages children to get creative and learn new movements, whilst completing fun challenges and games. All the children at the birthday party will create their own unique dance performance which will be performed to parents at the end of the party. There is also a freestyle dance battle, with great prizes on offer for the winners!
DanceBugs Kids Dance Birthday Parties
All of The Bugs Group’s Kid’s Birthday Parties in Solihull and Birmingham also offer fantastic party extras, such as party food, medals and trophies and even a special appearance from the Bug Man himself!

If you would like to enquire about any of The Bugs Group’s Birthday Parties; either call 0121 777 7792 or email [email protected]!

MultiBugs Kids Summer Holiday Camp in Harborne


With the Summer Holidays fast approaching, the return of our MultiBugs Kids Summer Holiday Camp in Solihull is imminent! The multi-sports camp ensures that children have the chance to make new friends, play lots of different sports and most importantly, have lots of fun throughout the summer break!

MultiBugs Kids Summer Holiday Camp Harborne

We also make sure that children remain active during the long six week break, as it is important that kids do not become lazy during the holidays and lose the physical benefits they have developed throughout the school year. Click here to read our previous blog on the importance of children remaining active throughout the summer holidays, including some worrying statistics on what can happen if they do not.
The Summer Holiday Camp in Harborne offers over 30 different sports and activities each week. Some of the sports on offer include; Football, Cricket, Athletics, Dodgeball and many more!
The MultiBugs Camp runs special competition days every Friday on the camp, where there are fantastic prizes and trophies to be won! Children will be split into different teams and will then play games against each other in order to win points and the team with the most points at the end of the day will be the champions! All children that attend competition day will go home with a medal and certificate.


MultiBugs Kids Sports Summer Holiday Camp Harborne

 The camp is open to both boys and girls aged 4-12 and runs from 9:30am – 3:30pm, with extended hours available and is remaining at the same venue of Four Dwellings Academy in Quinton, Harborne.
The Bugs Group also run Holiday Camps in the Solihull area and offer both FootieBugs and DanceBugs camps, providing excellent childcare and football and dance coaching! To find out more about these camps, please click here.


The Early Bird discounted prices run out on Wednesday the 5th of July, meaning there is not long left to book your place to beat the price increase and prices are starting from just £12 a day! To book your place on the camp either click the button below or call 0121 777 7792!

Book MultiBugs Kids Summer Holiday Camp in Harborne

FootieBugs Kids Summer Holiday Camp in Solihull!


There are now less than 3 weeks left until schools break up for the summer holidays, which can only mean one thing… the return of our FootieBugs Kids Summer Holiday Camp in Solihull!


FootieBugs Kid's Holiday Camps in Solihull
Our Kids Football Holiday Camp is the perfect activity that not only ensures that children remain active during the long summer break, but also makes sure they have a fantastic time packed full of football and summer fun!


On the camp during the summer holidays, children will play some of their favourite football based games like penalty shootouts and the crossbar challenge and also work on improving their technical football skills. Children will be able to cool off on extra hot days by participating in fun water fights!

FootieBugs Football Holiday Camp for Kids in Solihull - Water Fight

There will also be specially themed days during the kids football holiday camp in Solihull each week, which can include wacky Wednesday or Flag Friday! Each differently themed day will include new and fun games and activities that the children may not have experienced before and will love!


Click here to view a video of previous FootieBugs Kids Holiday Camps, or here to read our review on all of The Bugs Group’s Holiday Camps during Whitsun Week Half Term!


At the end of each week, there will be a competition day where children will be put into teams and compete against each other using the skills they have learnt during the week to win points for their teams in fun games and matches. There are lots of amazing prizes and trophies to be won and all children that attend the football camp in Solihull will receive medals and certificates.


The FootieBugs Holiday Camp is returning to Solihull for the Summer Holidays and will be held at The Solihull Sixth Form, just outside Solihull Town Centre. The holiday camp is open to both boys and girls aged between 4-12 and runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm, with extended hours also available. Our DanceBugs Dance Holiday Camp is also running at the same venue and is perfect for siblings who may wish to do separate activities! To find out more about our DanceBugs Dance Holiday Camp,  please click here.


Early Bird prices are available until Wednesday 5th of July. To book your place on the camp either click on the poster below or call head office on 0121 777 7792!

FootieBugs Kids Football Summer Holiday Camp in Solihull


We are Supporting National School Sport Week!


This week (26th-30th June) is National School Sport Week – where the Youth Sport Trust are encouraging schools to help their pupils become more active and we fully support it!


The Bugs Group running classes in schools - National School Sport Week


PE is a vital part of school life and with an alarming 19.1% of children leaving primary school as obese and 14.2% overweight (ITV News) there needs to be a greater focus on schools to ensure that children remain active and are fully engaged in PE.


The Bugs Group are a Primary School PE Specialist and work with hundreds of schools across the UK to create fun and excellent PE provision for all children. Our programmes tailor for children of all abilities and look to help them develop both their emotional and physical literacy through the unique way we combine sport with imagination and storytelling.


FootieBugs combines exercise and imagination with football to engage children in stories and learn through play, while older children will play fun skills based games that help them develop both their technical skills and also their team and leadership skills.


FootieBugs classes within schools - National School Sport Week

YogaBugs similarly take children on exciting adventures through stories, whilst incorporating yoga inspired movements. The non competitive form of exercise allows children to develop at their own pace whilst developing their physical ability. There are also mindfulness aspects introduced, allowing children to stay calm and relaxed.


YogaBugs running classes within schools - National School Sport Week

DanceBugs allows children to express themselves through creative movements around different themes. DanceBugs children don’t just work on a set routine, but work on their own movements and create unique routines through a range of different dance styles.


DanceBugs dance classes within school - National School Sport Week

Finally, MultiBugs teaches a range of different sports through fun and imaginative games around different stories for younger children and themes for older children. Sports include Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, Tennis, Rounders and many more!


MultiBugs classes within schools - National School Sport Week

Each of our programmes are tailored specifically to meet each individual schools’ targets and focus on any areas that may need improvement, such as working on children’s confidence levels or improving their techniques. Our programmes can either run through the PE curriculum, or through extracurricular clubs; whether it be before school, after school or during lunchtimes.


The Bugs Group also run Kid’s Holiday Camps in Solihull and Harborne, as well as local community classes and birthday parties. To find out more about any of our programmes, either within schools, at our kid’s holiday camps during half terms or our community classes and birthday parties, please visit our website, call 0121 777 7792 or email [email protected]

DanceBugs Kids Summer Holiday Camp Returns!


Our DanceBugs Summer Holiday Camp for kids is returning to Solihull! The dance holiday camp is the perfect activity for children during the school summer holidays, as kids will remain active and have loads of fun!

DanceBugs Kids Dance Summer Holiday Camp in Solihull

Our dance camp gives children the chance to experience a range of different dance styles that range from ballet to street and many more! This allows kids to have the opportunity to learn and perform new dance moves and styles they may not have seen or tried before!

Throughout the summer holiday camp in Solihull, children will be able to get creative with their movements and use their imagination to develop their own special routine, which will then be performed to all parents at the end of the week in a fantastic show!

After the dance performance, there is a special ceremony where all the children are given certificates and rosettes for their excellent routine and for all their hard work at the DanceBugs Dance Holiday Camp.

DanceBugs Dance Summer Holiday Camp for Kids in Solihull

The DanceBugs kids summer holiday camp is open to girls and boys from ages 4-12 and is returning to it’s previous venue of the Solihull Sixth Form. The Bugs Group is also holding our FootieBugs Football Holiday Camp at the same venue and this is open to the same age groups.

To book your place on the DanceBugs Summer Holiday Camp in Solihull, either click the button below or call 0121 777 7792 today!

Book the DanceBugs Kids Dance Summer Holiday Camp in Solihull

The Importance of Children Staying Active During the Summer Holidays

The Bugs Group Summer Holiday Camps in Solihull and South Birningham

With the summer holidays fast approaching, parents across the country are starting to panic about how to keep their kids entertained and more importantly, active during the long break. The six weeks away from school can mean that children will fall back into a trend of not exercising in the same way in which they should at school, which is a curriculum minimum two hours a week. It can also make it harder for children to receive the 60 minutes a day of physical activity they should be getting.

Six weeks of children not receiving the correct amount of physical activity can be extremely damaging, hindering their physical progression and possibly reversing any benefits that have been developed during the year. A long period of inactivity such as this can also increase the risk of children becoming overweight or even obese, as more and more children opt to sit in front of screens all day rather than get outside and be active.

Lazy Children during summer holidays lose physical benefits - the need for The Bugs Group's Kids Summer Holiday Camps

UK Active (as reported by PRWEB UK) research found that children in Britain were losing up to 80% of the fitness levels that they had gained during the academic year due to being inactive or ‘lazy’ during the holidays. When children faced shuttle run fitness tests in September, their distance was worse than that recorded by them in July, with BMI’s also increasing on average during these months.

The Bugs Group are on a mission to stop children becoming lazy during the school holidays and make sure to keep them active by offering a number of holiday camps across the Solihull and South Birmingham area. We run FootieBugs, DanceBugs and MultiBugs holiday camps that provide kids with fun and engaging sporting activities to make sure they remain active and have the chance to meet lots of new friends!

The FootieBugs football camp runs in Solihull and is open to boys and girls from ages 4-12. The camp offers excellent football coaching and children will play a range of different football based games including the crossbar challenge, whilst also working on improving their technical skills. Throughout the camp, there will be lots of fun themed days and also some fun activities such as water fights on hot days! The camp will also have competition days, where kids compete in teams for amazing prizes and trophies and all children receive a special certificate.

FootieBugs Football Summer Holiday Camps in Solihull

The DanceBugs dance camp also runs in Solihull at the same venue and is open to boys and girls the same age as the FootieBugs camp. The camp gives children the freedom to become creative with their movements and perfect their own routine which will be performed to their parents at the end of the camp! There are a whole host of different dance styles that will be learnt; including street, ballet and many more. This means children on the camp can experience new types of dance that they may not have performed before!

DanceBugs Dance Summer Holiday Camp in Solihull


Finally, our MultiBugs multi-sports camp runs in Quinton, Harborne and runs over 30 different sports and activities each week, meaning there is always a new fun activity for kids to try! Some of the sports on offer at the camp include; tennis, cricket, hockey, football and many more! Similarly to the FootieBugs camp, there will be other fun games such as water fights on offer as well as Olympic themed competition days, where more great prizes and trophies are up for grabs!

MultiBugs Multi Sports Kids Summer Holiday Camp in Harborne

To find out more information about any of The Bugs Group’s Holiday Camps or to make an enquiry; please either visit our website here, email [email protected] or call 0121 777 7792.

The Bugs Group Whitsun Week Holiday Camp Review


During the Whitsun Week half term break, The Bugs Group ran a number of kids holiday camp across Solihull and Birmingham. The FootieBugs, DanceBugs and MultiBugs camps provided children with lots of fun and sporting activities and also the chance to make new friends!

The FootieBugs camp ran at Light Hall School in Shirley, Solihull and offered a whole host of different football activities and games. Children on the camp not only worked on improving their own technical football skills, but also played some of their favourite football-based games such as the crossbar challenge and penalty shootouts! With the Champions League final being played the day after the camp finished, the theme of the camp was to make all children feel like champions and the final day of the camp was competition day, where children were split into teams and competed in games to earn points for their team, with the winners receiving special prizes and awards! All children who attended the competition day also went home with certificates.

FootieBugs Holiday Camp

Also running at the same venue as FootieBugs was our DanceBugs camp. The DanceBugs camp theme was different dance styles, where the children on the camp were able to explore a range of dance styles, including some they may never have performed before. A parent commented “My daughter has attended today. She has had a brilliant time and can’t wait to come again soon”. On the final day of the camp, the kids performed the routine they had been working on throughout the week to their parents. The performance was fantastic and all the children were awarded with rosettes and certificates in a special ceremony afterwards.

DanceBugs Dance Holiday Camp in Solihull

Our MultiBugs holiday camp ran at Four Dwellings Academy in Quinton, Harborne and offered over 30 different sporting games and activities. Some of the sports the children played ranged from Football, Athletics, Dodgeball, Cricket and many more! This meant that children could not only play their favourite sports, but also gain experiences of new ones they haven’t tried before. One parent said “My two children (aged 6 and 8) had an amazing time at the Multi-Sports Camp. All the staff were really enthusiastic and the activities were great fun apparently! Well done Bugs team!”

MultiBugs Multi Sports Holiday Camp in Quinton

The final camp was our Dorridge holiday camp, held at Dorridge Primary School only for pupils at the school. The camp combined a variety of Football, Multi-Sports and Dance activities throughout the week and all the children had a great time! We are looking forward to continuing to run our Dorridge Holiday Camp with the school throughout the holidays for the next year, including our special June 8th Election Day Camp!

The Bugs Group Dorridge Holiday Camp

The next set of Holiday Camps The Bugs Group will be running will be during the Summer Holidays – dates and venues are yet to be confirmed so stay tuned to our website or our Facebook & Twitter pages for announcements and how to book! If you have any enquiries please call 0121 777 7792 or email [email protected]

International Children’s Day 2017


Today, Thursday the 1st of June, is International Children’s Day. The day is all about increasing awareness around the general well-being of children all over the world. YogaBugs would like to discuss some issues that children can face throughout their childhood and possible ways that they can be solved or minimised, as all children deserve to have the best well-being possible as they grow up.The Bugs Group International Children's Day

Each year it seems children are facing more and more issues that they may struggle to deal with without the correct support and chances to discuss these problems. Childhood obesity has been a serious problem for a number of years now and figures only appear to be getting worse, but children cannot be fully to blame for this. Parents and schools have a greater responsibility to make sure that children not only eat healthily, but also have the opportunity and are positively encouraged to participate in physical activity.

YogaBugs work with children from ages 3-11 to provide them with positive experiences of exercise through combining yoga inspired movements with story and theme based adventures. This allows them to have participate in a fun physical activity, which develops their coordination and balance, as well as basic motor skills which can improve their performance in physical activities. Through giving children a positive experience of sport and physical activity at an early age, it makes them far more likely to continue to be physically active and exercise, minimising the risk of becoming obese.

Recently, there has also been an increased call for more to be done about children who face the risk of developing mental health issues. With growing pressure and stress related to school work, most notably SATs exams, along with social media pressures from peers and children feeling the need to ‘fit in’, more and more children are becoming at risk of developing mental health illnesses. To suffer with mental health problems as a child is an issue in itself, but the lack of support and guidance being offered to children is another problem.

YogaBugs sessions are all-inclusive and non-competitive, meaning children can progress at their own pace and not feel pressured to be successful, increasing their self-esteem levels and this has been proven to improve their overall confidence in other aspects of life. YogaBugs also bring in mindfulness practices, including breathing and relaxation techniques that can help children deal with anxiety or stressful situations. These practices can help develop mental resilience and help children to focus on the now, not situations that have happened in the past or are yet to happen, reducing their anxiety. The techniques taught are also able to be used throughout their life, meaning it is important the young children are given the accessibility to learn them.

YogaBugs International Children's Day

YogaBugs work within Schools and Nurseries and also run local community classes. For more information please visit our website or call 0121 777 7792.

The Link Between Childhood Obesity and Mental Health Issues


The Bugs Group - Putting the fun in kids fitness

A recent article from the Daily Mail investigates how children that are overweight or obese between the ages of eight and thirteen are three times more likely to develop depression or another mental health illness in later life than those who are not.

The worrying research also suggests that childhood obesity can have a permanent effect on self-esteem and confidence levels and with the number of obese children in the UK always rising (currently one in three children aged 10-11 are obese or overweight, according to the National Child Measurement Programme), there is an increased need for children to be physically active and help decrease the risk of mental health issues in later life.

FootieBugs keeping children active through school classes, community classes and holiday camps

The Bugs Group run a wide variety of sport based programmes through either working in Schools & Nurseries, running holiday camps in Solihull & Birmingham and also running community classes. Through our FootieBugs, YogaBugs, DanceBugs and MultiBugs programmes we engage children in physical activity through fun and exciting sessions combining sport with different themes and stories all through the use of imagination.

All our sessions make sure that children remain physically active and also learn the benefits of a physical and healthy lifestyle. We also build children’s confidence and self-esteem through our outstanding coaches working with the children and awarding certificates and medals on our camps and in our classes!

The Bugs Group fighting Childhood Obesity keeping kids physically active

To find out more about The Bugs Group’s programmes either within Schools/Nurseries, at our community classes or holiday camps, please click on the logo below or call 0121 777 7792.

The Bugs Group

One Week to go until The Bugs Group’s Holiday Camps in Solihull and Harborne!


All of The Bugs Group’s Holiday Camps are now just one week away! Our camps are running across Solihull, Shirley and Harborne and provide lots of fun and exciting sporting activities, which will be sure to keep kids active and entertained during the Whitsun Week school half term!

The FootieBugs Football Holiday Camp this May is running in Shirley and provides both boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 12 with lots of different football games and activities. The camp combines technical football skills practices with fun games, including penalty shootouts and the crossbar challenge! On the Friday of the camp, all children will participate in competition day, where they will compete against each other for special prizes and awards by demonstrating the skills they have learnt during the week.

FootieBugs Kids Football Holiday Camp in Solihull

Also, running in the same location in Shirley is the DanceBugs Dance Holiday Camp, which is open to the same age groups as the FootieBugs Camp. The Dance Camp offers a number of different dance styles such as jazz, freestyle and ballet to name just a few! Kids will be able to explore and try these styles of dances that they may never have experienced before, whilst also having the chance to be creative with their movements. The last day of the camp will give the children the opportunity to perform the routine they have created during the week to their parents and all will be awarded with certificates and rosettes!

DanceBugs Kids Dance Holiday Camp in Solihull

Our final holiday camp is our MultiBugs Multi-Sports Camp, which runs a wide range of fun and engaging sports activities in Harborne. This means that on each day children will be able to participate in varied activities and will also have the chance to experience new sports that may they may not have played before, alongside favourites such as Football, Rugby and Athletics! The Friday of the camp will again be competition day, where children will be split into teams to try and win lots of prizes and trophies!

MultiBugs MultiSports Kids Holiday Camp in Harborne, Quinton

The FootieBugs and DanceBugs camp will both be running at the same venue, Light Hall School in Shirley, Solihull, while the MultiBugs camp runs at Four Dwellings Academy in Harborne. All camps run from 9:30am to 3:30pm, with extended hours available.

Time is now running out! To book your place onto any of the camps, click the button below or call head office on 0121 777 7792.

The Bugs Group Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull and Harborne

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