Impact & Change Programme

Impact and Change is a bespoke child development programme that is integrated into the curriculum, running over a school year and works as a whole school approach.

What is it?

The Impact & Change Programme is a results driven programme that has been created by top educational practitioners to improve five key areas of pupil’s development. Children are assessed at the start and end of the programme in 10 aspects across the five areas (which are detailed below). Improvements are then detailed in a unique report on each child’s progression which can be used for Ofsted reporting and curriculum targets.

What is involved?

Running through the curriculum, the Impact & Change Programme provides a number of YogaBugs, FootieBugs or DanceBugs sessions over the course of 30 weeks during the school year. These sessions combine sporting activities with stories through the use of imagination and themes, as well as incorporating mindfulness practices, such as breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques. 

The Impact & Change Programme also includes:

What are the benefits?

In schools across the UK, we are seeing results of up to a 40% improvements in social, emotional, physical and behavioural criteria. Schools have reported a positive impact in children’s :-

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Concentration & Listening Skills
  • Engagement during lessons
  • Social Skills
  • Overall Physical and Mental Wellbeing
  • Fitness and Coordination levels

Target Areas

Average results achieved over a year long Impact & Change Programme

in child’s
in concentration
& listening
in overall
in ability to respond
to instructions
in overall health
& wellbeing
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