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Impact & Change Programme

Impact and Change is a bespoke child development programme that is integrated into the curriculum, running over a school year and works as a whole school approach.

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What are the benefits?

In schools across the UK, we are seeing results of up to a 40% improvements in social, emotional, physical and behavioural criteria. Schools have reported a positive impact in children’s :-

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Concentration & Listening Skills
  • Engagement during lessons
  • Social Skills
  • Overall Physical and Mental Wellbeing
  • Fitness and Coordination levels
  • Staff wellbeing
  • Improved attendance and results
  • Better behaved and calmer children
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Please see everything involved in our
Impact and change Packages

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What is it?

Running through the curriculum, the Impact & Change Programme provides a number of YogaBugs sessions over the course of 30 weeks during the school year. These sessions combine Yoga postures with stories through the use of imagination and themes, as well as incorporating mindfulness practices, such as breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques.

What is involved?

  • Children take part in a yoga warm up and full adventure or theme
  • Every class includes breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques to help children feel calm and deal with their emotions
  • We deliver our programme for a minimum of 2 hours per week for 10 weeks – 30 weeks.
  • These classes can be split into 4 x 30 mins, 3 x 40 mins or 2 x 1 hour sessions – giving you the flexibility to work with a number of different age groups.
  •  Detailed progression report for all children
  • Parental workshops
  • Staff Mindfulness workshop
  • Staff Health and Wellbeing workshop
  • A certificate for every child
  • An award for the school!
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“The Impact and Change Sample Report”

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Impact and Change Report Targeted Areas

an illustration of social and emotional traits & the benefits yogabugs can have on them

Average results achieved over a year long Impact & Change Programme

in child’s
in concentration
& listening
in overall
in ability to respond
to instructions
in overall health
& wellbeing
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