SATs Preparation

SATs can be a particularly stressful time for children, but learning breathing and relaxation techniques can help keep them feel calm and more focussed over the exam period.

What is it?

YogaBugs SATs Preparation courses run with Year 2 and/or Year 6 groups to help them deal with any stress, anxiety or other mental health issues they may face in the build up to SATs exams.

In modern society, children can feel pressures from a number of forces, including parents, peers and schools, to perform to a high level in exams – SATs Preparation courses teach children breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques to help develop their mindfulness and focus on blocking out stress and anxiety.

What is involved?

SATs Preparation Courses includes an hour-long session once a week for 10 weeks in the build up to SATs. Some schools opt for the final session of the course to fall during SATs week to further calm their children. Each session combines Yoga inspired movements to calm the body and focus the mind, with breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques to help children feel calm.

The techniques taught to children will also help them in later life, as they will be able to remember and use the techniques to deal with future stress and anxious periods, including the transition to Junior/Secondary school.

What are the benefits?

As a result of the SATs Preparation Course, children are more prepared for SATs and learn how to cope and deal with stressful and anxious situations not just in school, but also throughout day-to-day life. The overall boost in mental wellbeing will see children more active and engaged in the build up to SATs, during regular lessons and revisions as they have been taught how to ‘quieten their minds’. There is also an increased chance of better performances during the SATs exams, which in turn reflect well on both the pupil and the school.

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