Mindfulness Programme

With one in ten children being affected by Mental Health issues, our Mindfulness courses help children quiet their mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

What is it?

In today’s society of technology and pressure, it can be hard for children to ‘quiet their minds’ and focus on the tasks ahead. Practising mindfulness can help children shift the focus away from worry and anxiety, help them to manage stress, regulate their emotions and develop a more positive outlook.

YogaBugs teach children mindfulness through a combination of yoga, breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques. We teach meditation to show children how to distance themselves from disturbing thoughts and emotions and focus on the here and now and thus improving their concentration in the classroom.

What is involved?

YogaBugs mindfulness sessions run for a minimum of a six-week programme, working with one or two groups of 30 pupils in back-to-back half hour sessions.

Mindfulness programmes are available for KS1 and KS2 and all sessions are taught age appropriately. A session includes a sun-salutation warm-up and progressively introduces breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques.
We also introduce yoga inspired movements with mediation to help calm and relax children.

YogaBugs Mindfulness courses can also run as a breakfast club, helping children to start the day positively or as an after school club, calming children after a busy school day and sending them home relaxed and focused.

What are the benefits?

  • Children are given the tools to help deal with negative feelings such as stress and anxiety
  • It helps to boost children’s overall mental wellbeing
  • Children feel more calm and relaxed and will learn to deal with their emotions
  • Children are more focussed and confident in class - improving their academic performance.
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