Mindfulness Activities

Practicing mindfulness helps relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep and helps children to learn about their emotions and how to deal with them.

Download a variety of mindfulness techniques, visualisations and breathing exercises to practice with your children.

Overview of Visualisations

Self Esteem Talk Activity

Talk Friends Activity

Supersonic Space Mission Visualisation

Spring Time Visualisation

Relaxation Ragdoll Visualisation

Finding a Special Friend Visualisation

Peaceful Butterfly Visualisation

Waterfall of Light Visualisation

Magic Carpet Ride Visualisation

Loving Your Body - Mindfulness Activity

Inner Kingdom Visualisation

Heart Visualisation

Happy Heart Visualisation

Floating on Waves in the Sea Visualisation

Finger Breathing

Enchanted Forest Visualisation

Confidence Affirmations

Breathing Techniques

Star Breathing

Children Learn what they live - Mindfulness Activity

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