Sports Days

Let the Bugs Group take away the stress and workload of the planning and delivering your school’s sports day or competition days!

What are the benefits?

  • No stress! We can organise everything! Save time in planning and preparing your sports day
  • Help setting up, delivery and packing down of the sports day
  • Our specialist staff will run special activities/games/events
  • We can provide medals, certificates and rewards for the children
  • A Sports Day reward for the school
  • New, fresh and professional games

What is it?

Option 1:

The Bugs Group offer special Sports Day packages which not only help in the delivery of your school’s sports day, but also in the planning and preparation for the day, taking away the stress and time spent for you! As part of the Sports Day packages, we will also be able to provide certificates, medals and special rewards for children on the day – making sure they have a memorable and enjoyable Sports Day!

Option 2:

Lower Level of Support; we also offer an ‘extra pair of hands’, where you can hire 1,2 or even 5 specialist staff to help run the stations, organise children moving from activity to activity and give out awards!

What is involved?

We will meet with you to discuss what specifically you are looking for in your sports day, whether it would be the Bugs Group coaches to help run and monitor your sports day, run and control specific activities/games/events, or even the full package of planning and preparation! We tailor each specific sports day to fit in with the school’s needs, creating a bespoke and personalised package at the best price possible. Once the initial meeting is over – we take care of everything!

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