Fun Activities

Love YouTube? We've LOADS more videos of Footie, Yoga & Dance on our channels!

Here are some FREE Fun activities!

Want some fun videos to watch and practice alongside to at home? No problem, we’ve got you covered with lots of great videos about football skills, dance moves and some relaxing yoga sessions to chill out to! Check out our Youtube channels for all our content!

DanceBugs Videos

More DanceBugs videos

YogaBugs Videos

More YogaBugs videos

FootieBugs Videos

More YogaBugs videos

Guided Visualisations

Mindfulness Exercises

Why not print out & fill in these fun activity sheets?

Why not print out and fill in these fun activity sheets? We’ve a bunch of simple, fun to complete activity sheets that are great ways to keep active when it’s not possible to play outside.

Want more activity sheets?

Here are some fun games you can do easily at home!

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