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The Bugs Group are the UK’s largest and most successful Primary School PE Specialist, running Sport Development Programmes in schools, which are specifically designed to enhance the learning and development for children of all abilities. Whilst supporting and following the EYFS and National Curriculum through a whole school approach, we tailor all programmes to suit each schools’ individual needs and can target issues such as low concentration levels, confidence and behaviour.  The overall focus of our programmes are to improve children’s wellbeing whilst enhancing their learning experience and improving technique.

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Working in hundreds of schools across Birmingham and the UK

What are the benefits:

  • All of our classes are specifically designed to enhance the learning and development for children of all abilities. 
  • We have over 20 years’ experience delivering quality sports and mindfulness sessions into primary schools.
  • We are experts in each of our sports and can enhance your teacher’s knowledge
  • We follow the specific EYFS and National Curriculum
  • We tailor all programmes to suit each schools’ individual needs
  • Sessions can assist in PPA cover or be funded through sports or pupil premium
  • We don’t just target the physical areas, our staff also look to improve and target concentration, confidence, listening skills, behaviour needs, channelling stress and anxiety

FEEDBACK: Through reports and feedback, our outcomes have had a positive impact in schools, by not only improving children’s participation and attitude to sports, but also their focus and behaviour back in the classroom.


kids kicking a football
young children kicking footballs towards a goal outdoors

Our programmes make exercise for children of all abilities!

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YogaBugs is an all-inclusive and non-competitive sport that allows all children to develop emotionally and physically, gaining a positive experience of physical activity and developing mindfulness through breathing and relaxation techniques.

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FootieBugs offer an all-inclusive fun introduction to football for boys and girls of all ages through storytelling and imagination themes, helping children gain social skills and confidence as well as developing their physical ability.

DanceBugs teach children a variety of dance genres from freestyle, street, acrobatics, hip hop, gymnastics and much more. We thrive to teach in a pressure free environment. Children will be taught themes and topics that run alongside the curriculum to help reach their PE targets as well as improving team work, co-ordination, flexibility and social skills.

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