Cold Weather Triggering Asthma Problems – how Yoga can help!


As we approach Christmas and the New Year, we look set to face an extremely cold Winter season. The recent snow and ice looks set to reoccur in the coming Winter months, with cold weather triggering Asthma symptoms – read how Yoga and exercise could be the solution!


According to Asthma UK, around 75% of people believed that some asthma symptoms were caused by cold air. The cold air may contain more mould spores, which trigger airways to go into spasm once it has entered airways. These spasms lead to asthma symptoms, which can include; wheezing, difficulty breathing and wheezing.


Asthma symptoms can be reduced through participating in regular exercise, which can combat cold weather triggering asthma. Exercise can not only improve your lung capacity, therefore increasing stamina and reducing breathlessness, but also boost your immune system. A stronger immune system means that normal coughs and colds will be less likely to trigger asthma.


For some, exercise and physical activity can be a daunting challenge. Yoga is a non-competitive exercise that allows participants to progress at their own pace, building confidence and giving them a positive experience of physical activity. Yoga is also a low-cost activity and can be performed anywhere, without any special equipment!


There are a number of poses used in our YogaBugs adventures which specifically have benefits to help breathing issues, including asthma. The postures used open up the chest area, which increases lung capacity and helps to manage and reduce asthma problems. YogaBugs sessions also have a focus on developing children’s mindfulness, which helps to calm their mind and reduce anxiety and stress levels.


Some of the best poses that can help asthma and regulate breathing are the Fish pose and the Hero pose.












Fish – Start on your back and bring your hands alongside your tummy, bending your elbows so your head is off the floor and chest is pointing towards the ceiling. Open and close your mouth as a fish would, taking deep breaths.


Hero – Begin on your knees and pull the muscles of your lower legs out to the side, bringing your feet to point backwards and knees are together.


For more information on YogaBugs, please visit our website here.


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