yogabugs virtual title "the next generation of teaching"

Bespoke school child development programme that supports the whole school’s mental health & well-being

Designed bespoke for schools​

Our pre-recorded virtual Yoga classes are delivered in HD and easy to access online through a dedicated school portal. Teachers will have access to 120 videos, mindfulness resources and training.

Classes for early years and KS1 are delivered through exciting stories and adventures that link to curriculum topics – keeping children engaged as they act out the story through yoga.

For children in KS2 we deliver the sessions through themes that link to the curriculum, whilst also teaching children about their bodies and what they can achieve through yoga.

Classes are fun, engaging and interactive, with discussion points where the Virtual YogaBugs teacher will pass back to your teacher for the children to answer questions about the story/theme.

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What are the benefits to the school?

  • Teachers will learn techniques to manage stress

  • No yoga experience needed to run a class

  • Help towards achieving PE targets

  • All children can participate from £5 per class

  • Parents access for remote learning

What are the benefits to the children?

  • Help children manage their emotions

  • Improve children’s concentration

  • Build children’s self esteem

  • Improve children’s behaviour

  • Improve children’s balance, coordination & core strength

  • Children will feel calm & relaxed

” YogaBugs allows our children to engage in physical activity whilst also focussing on mental health and wellbeing.” Sonya Black, Deputy Head, Throston Primary School, Hartlepool.

What's included in the package?

✓ A year’s licence to run virtual YogaBugs in your school

 Access to 120 pre-recorded virtual YogaBugs sessions

Virtual mindfulness training and resources for staff and activities for children

 Online certificate templates for ‘star of the day’, ‘star of the term’, ‘most improved’, ‘best attitude’, 

Online library of all yoga poses

Parent Portal – access to YogaBugs videos, workshops and mindfulness resources

24 hour access to our support team for any questions

Report template to track children’s physical and emotional progression   


We started using YogaBugs in January 2021 to support our blended learning approach in school. The virtual aspect means that we can follow lessons with the children in school and also allows children who are working from home, to experience the same lesson at exactly the same time as their class mates. It is important for us to ensure that all our children feel that they are experiencing the same lessons as their peers. Feedback from both children and parents has been very positive. YogaBugs allows our children to engage in physical activity whilst also focussing on mental health and wellbeing.”

Sonya Black, Deputy Head, Throston Primary School, Hartlepool.

“YogaBugs has provided us with a great platform to support the children with emotional wellbeing while working remotely. The site has lots of resources and activities to try with children, staff and parents

Mrs Sarah McGreevy, Acting Head, Seaton House School, Girl’s Preparatory School

“We have worked with YogaBugs for a number of years now, when we heard about the new Virtual Packages that was being offered, we knew this was something we wanted to get on board with so that we could offer this opportunity to many more of our families.

Teachers have also been using the resources with children in school and have commented on the level of enjoyment and engagement shown by all. They have been particularly impressed with how the sessions develop a sense of calm and relaxation by the end which in turn then has a positive impact on children’s ability to focus on their learning.”

Kim Hartford, Deputy Head, Ridgeway Infant School, Derbyshire

We love YogaBugs! With the staff and children’s mental health being under increased strain at the moment due to the lockdown it is great to know we are delivering high quality sessions to improve their wellbeing in these difficult times.

Rachael Cotton, Head Teacher, Fleet Wood Lane School

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