Breakfast / Lunch / Afterschool Clubs

We offer a wide range of sports for fun and engaging Breakfast, Lunchtime and After School Clubs. We have flexible payment options for schools to fund the club or for parents to book directly with us. All of our clubs encourage children to be active and broaden their participation in physical activity.

What is it?

Active, imaginative and structured clubs for children from EYFS and KS1 to KS2 before school, during lunchtimes and after school! All clubs give children the extra opportunity to participate in a range of sports, with a number of benefits for both themselves and the school!

All of our clubs help to channel children’s energy in a positive way, whilst also boosting their self-esteem and confidence through our initiatives such as star of the week. Children will develop their core skills in their chosen sport and have the opportunity to progress further in their sport in matches and competitions.

The Bugs Group’s vast range of After School Clubs include:

Breakfast Clubs

Our before school clubs help children start the day in a positive way and them prepare for their school day ahead. Exercising in the morning releases endorphins, meaning children will be more productive, focused and alert in class! Our before school clubs are available in Yoga, Football, Dance and Multi-Sports and can run for up to 16 children.

Available with:
YogaBugs / FootieBugs / DanceBugs / MultiBugs

Lunch Clubs

Our successful lunch clubs cater for your school’s specific requirements. With sessions running for  either one hour or two half an hour sessions (back to back) there are a number of options:

  • Sport-specific - dance, yoga football etc
  • Club Energy - a high paced fun circuit class with music
  • Behaviour - working with targeted groups
Available with:

YogaBugs / FootieBugs / DanceBugs / MultiBugs

After School Clubs

Our exciting After School Clubs help children to channel their energy in a positive way and boosts their self-esteem and confidence through all-inclusive class plans.

With a large variety of sports available, children will gain new experiences and develop their physical ability.

Available with:
YogaBugs / FootieBugs / DanceBugs / MultiBugs
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