Cold Weather Triggering Asthma Problems – how Yoga can help!


As we approach Christmas and the New Year, we look set to face an extremely cold Winter season. The recent snow and ice looks set to reoccur in the coming Winter months, with cold weather triggering Asthma symptoms – read how Yoga and exercise could be the solution!


According to Asthma UK, around 75% of people believed that some asthma symptoms were caused by cold air. The cold air may contain more mould spores, which trigger airways to go into spasm once it has entered airways. These spasms lead to asthma symptoms, which can include; wheezing, difficulty breathing and wheezing.


Asthma symptoms can be reduced through participating in regular exercise, which can combat cold weather triggering asthma. Exercise can not only improve your lung capacity, therefore increasing stamina and reducing breathlessness, but also boost your immune system. A stronger immune system means that normal coughs and colds will be less likely to trigger asthma.


For some, exercise and physical activity can be a daunting challenge. Yoga is a non-competitive exercise that allows participants to progress at their own pace, building confidence and giving them a positive experience of physical activity. Yoga is also a low-cost activity and can be performed anywhere, without any special equipment!


There are a number of poses used in our YogaBugs adventures which specifically have benefits to help breathing issues, including asthma. The postures used open up the chest area, which increases lung capacity and helps to manage and reduce asthma problems. YogaBugs sessions also have a focus on developing children’s mindfulness, which helps to calm their mind and reduce anxiety and stress levels.


Some of the best poses that can help asthma and regulate breathing are the Fish pose and the Hero pose.


Cold weather triggering AsthmaCold weather triggering asthma











Fish – Start on your back and bring your hands alongside your tummy, bending your elbows so your head is off the floor and chest is pointing towards the ceiling. Open and close your mouth as a fish would, taking deep breaths.


Hero – Begin on your knees and pull the muscles of your lower legs out to the side, bringing your feet to point backwards and knees are together.


For more information on YogaBugs, please visit our website here.


The FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull!


The FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull is now just under two weeks away, with three days full of fun football and Christmas activities!


Running on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of December, the camp is the perfect opportunity for parents to get some last minute Christmas shopping in, while the kids can stay active whilst getting excited for the big day!


We have three fantastic Christmas themed days on offer at the camp, including Rudolph Day, Santa Day and finally our Christmas Cracker Competition Day!

FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull


On Rudolph Day, children will play some of their favourite football games with a special Christmas twist. Some of the games on offer will include a red nose target competition using our advanced Crazy Catcher rebound board, as well as our team reindeer races!


Thursday’s theme will be Santa Day! Santa Day will feature an activity circuit based around Santa’s workshop! Children will visit different stations within Santa’s workshop, whilst learning and perfecting lots of different skills and tricks!


Finally, the Friday of the Holiday Camp will be our Christmas Cracker Competition Day! Children will be put into different festive themed teams and will compete in a number of different games and matches to win some ‘cracking’ prizes and trophies! All kids attending the Christmas Cracker Competition Day will go home with a medal and a certificate.

FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull

The FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull will be running at the same venue of the Solihull Sixth Form (B91 3WR), just a few minutes away from Touchwood Solihull! DanceBugs are also running their Dance Christmas Holiday Camp at the Solihull Sixth Form, meaning it is perfect for siblings that may want to do different activities!


To book your child’s place on the FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull, please either call 0121 777 7792 or click the button below!


Book The Bugs Group Holiday Camps in Solihull

The Bugs Group’s Christmas Holiday Camps in Solihull!


There are now less than three weeks until the FootieBugs and DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camps in Solihull return! Both of the camps will feature some fantastic festive themed games and activities, making sure all children are excited and in the Christmas spirit ready for the big day!


The FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp in Solihull offers three days packed full of children’s favourite football games with a Christmas twist! Some of the activities will include; Rudolph’s red nose target competition, reindeer races, Santa’s workshop circuit!

FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camps in Solihull


Children will earn points for their teams ahead of the special ‘Christmas Cracker’ Competition Day on the Friday at the camp. Once in their festive themed teams, they will compete in lots of different games and activities to try and win some fabulous prizes! All children attending the Christmas Cracker Competition Day will leave with a medal and certificate!


The DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp in Solihull combines not only a variety of dance styles, such as freestyle, ballet and acrobatics, but also singing and acting. Children will use their imaginations to create their own unique Christmas themed show, which they will then perform to their parents at the end of the camp!

DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camps in Solihull


There will also be more festive themed dance games including; Rudolph’s travel, a Christmas Hunt following a trail left by Santa and also musical elf statues! Children will also design and make their own Christmas cards, as well as having the chance to dress up in Christmas outfits!


Both the FootieBugs and DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camps in Solihull are running on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of December at the Solihull Sixth Form (B91 3WR). The camps give parents the opportunity to get some last-minute Christmas shopping done at Touchwood Solihull!


To book your child’s place onto either the FootieBugs or DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp, please either call 0121 777 7792 or click to book onto the FootieBugs Camp or DanceBugs Camp.

DanceBugs Birthday Parties!


DanceBugs run fantastic Dance Birthday Parties for girls and boys aged 3+, offering a party packed full of fun games, different themes and special dance performances! At a DanceBugs Dance Birthday Party, the birthday boy/girl will have a truly memorable and special day celebrating their birthday and having lots of fun with their friends!


Last weekend DanceBugs hosted a special Frozen themed birthday party for Hannah and Ena’s 5th birthday!

DanceBugs Dance Birthday Parties


Both girl’s enjoyed a fantastic and magical birthday and were given special rosettes upon arrival! The birthday girls then played some fun party games with their friends, including musical statues and captains calling before taking on the limbo challenge!


They then enjoyed a sing along to ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen, before learning a unique dance specific to Frozen, using ribbons and scarves! The children then performed their performance to all parents before celebrating Hannah and Ena’s birthday with food and a special certificate ceremony!
DanceBugs Dance Birthday Parties


All DanceBugs parties are catered for each individual child, featuring a special theme that is perfectly suited to the child, for example: Frozen, Power Rangers, Princesses or Animals!


With each party having a unique theme, there is a wide variety of games and challenges that can be played, including some of the children’s favourites like: pass the parcel, balloon relay race and musical chairs. Parties also feature freestyle dance battles between all the children, with the winner taking home some fantastic prizes!


DanceBugs offer Dance Birthday Parties through different dance styles, such as: Freestyle, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Pom Dance, as well as Acrobatics or Cheerleading, based around the birthday boy/girl’s favourite theme. If you would like to book a DanceBugs Birthday Party for your child’s big day, please either call 0121 777 7792 or email!


DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp in Solihull!


There is just over a month until the DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp returns to Solihull – and DanceBugs have three days of fantastic Christmas and Dance activities to keep children entertained and active in the build up to Christmas!


Our DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull allows children to get creative with their movements and explore their imaginations through different styles of dance, including; freestyle, ballet and even acrobatics!


Children will not only be involved in dancing, but also singing, acting and creating their own special Christmas show which will be performed to parents on the Friday of the camp! All children will take home a DanceBugs certificate and rosette after the performance, making them feel like the stars of the show!

DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull

In addition to these activities, there will be amazing Christmas themed games, a chance to dress up in Christmas outfits, as well as an exciting Christmas hunt!


Some of the games will include; musical elf statues, Rudolph’s travel, the toy factory and also creating special DanceBugs Christmas cards to take home! The Christmas Hunt will see the children following Santa’s trail of mince pies and carrots, to find clues that will lead them to their own Christmas prize!


DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull


The DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull is running on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of December at the Solihull Sixth Form (B91 3WR), meaning parents have the opportunity to do some last minute Christmas shopping at Touchwood Solihull which is just a short drive away. The FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull is also running at the Solihull Sixth Form, meaning it is perfect for siblings who may wish to do separate activities during the Christmas build up!


Early Bird discount runs out on Wednesday the 29th of November at 5pm, meaning there is not long to secure your child’s place on the camp from a discounted price starting at £13 per day! To book onto the DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull, please either call 0121 777 7792 or click the button below!


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School’s Sport Premium Funding Confirmed to Double to £320 million!


It has finally been confirmed that the Sport Premium Funding made available to schools has doubled from £160 million to £320 million!


Following the announcement in 2016 that the funding will double due to the new ‘Sugar Tax’ levy, the funding has now been allocated to schools to invest in creating a positive impact on children’s lives.


Schools now have a responsibility to help create a lasting legacy by providing the highest level of physical activity and sport possible using their Sport Premium Funding. With the NHS reporting children’s obesity levels rising to one in five when starting school, and one in three when leaving Primary School, it is crucial that these figures are massively reduced to combat health issues in school children.


The Bugs Group would like to echo the thoughts of ukactive in making sure that we use this once in a lifetime opportunity to turn the tide of generation inactive.


Responding to the news that the Primary PE and Sport Premium will be doubled, The Bugs Group’s CEO Mark Goode said: “This near half-billion pound boost to children’s activity is a fantastic opportunity to provide a fitter future for our children.”


Schools now have the funds to really help every child achieve the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day, something that is wholly supported by The Bugs Group. This can be through children playing sport, building activity into lessons or break times and even encouraging children to get active during holidays and at home. I truly believe this is our chance to turn the tide on ‘generation inactive’ and get them fit for the future.”


The Department for Education have produced five key indicators for schools on areas that could be improved, along with some guidelines on how to use the funding.


The Bugs Group work with hundreds of schools across the country running Sport Development Programmes, aiming to not only improve children’s activity levels and physical literacy, but also their emotional aspects such as confidence and social skills.


The unique way of combining sport with storytelling and imagination allows children to become engaged in sessions and learn through play. This means that school children are given positive experiences of sport and physical activity at an early age, therefore increasing their chances of continuing to remain active as they grow older.


Now is the time to try and reverse the trend of inactivity within children, as there may never be a better opportunity with the increased Sport Premium Funding and resources available to schools. The priority must be to ensure children reach the recommended 60 minutes of exercise a day, or even to surpass this figure to create a healthy and active generation.

To find out more about The Bugs Group’s programmes within  Schools please click here. Alternatively, if you would like to contact us, please either call 0121 777 7792 or click here.


Sport Premium Funding Doubles

FootieBugs Halloween Holiday Camp Review!


There were plenty of ‘thrills’ as well as the usual skills on show at the FootieBugs Halloween Holiday Camp! Children enjoyed lots of fun Halloween themed activities alongside their favourite football skill games and matches!


With October the 31st just around the corner, the FootieBugs Holiday Camp in Solihull ensured that all kids would be in the ‘spooky spirit’ by the time Halloween arrived.


Running at the Solihull Sixth Form (B91 3WR) from 9:30am-15:30pm (with extended hours available, the camp featured a special sweet hunt, a scary fancy dress competition and also a Halloween Competition Day! Check out some of the fantastic fancy dress costumes below!

As well as the fun Halloween activities, children also enjoyed using FootieBugs’ new crazy catch equipment! The crazy catch was used to help children improve their volley and shooting technique! Points were collected throughout the weeks activities which counted towards the Friday’s competition day, where all kids went home with certificates and the winning team took home fantastic FootieBugs trophies!


The FootieBugs coaches also gave one of the children’s favourite football games, the crossbar challenge, a try in their coach competition! Click here to watch Coach Connor’s attempt!


We would like to thank all those who attended the Holiday Camp and we hope to see you at our next camp!

The next FootieBugs Holiday Camp in Solihull will be our Christmas Camp! Children will enjoy their favourite football games along with some special Christmas themed fun! Running at the same venue of the Solihull Sixth Form from the 20th to the 22nd of December, it’s never too early to book on!


The Early Bird discount is available until 5pm on Tuesday the 28th of November. To secure your child’s place on the camp, please either call 0121 777 7792 or book via our website using the button below.


Book The Bugs Group Holiday Camps in Solihull

Sugar Awareness Week 2017!


This week is Sugar Awareness Week – a week aimed at increasing awareness of the different types of sugars, the dangers of high sugar consumption and possible dietary changes.


Sugar is one of the major contributors to an unhealthy diet and obesity levels. It can be particularly concerning within children’s diets, as it can be easy for kids to regularly exceed their recommended daily consumption levels.


A high-sugar diet can lead to an increase of fat and therefore weight gain, which can also contribute to serious health issues such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.


Through sweets, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks and even fruit juices, there are high sugar levels hidden in lots of children’s favourite food and drink. How many of these sugar offenders are you aware of? (Image from



With recent stats from the NHS showing that over one in five children starting reception are either overweight or obese, it is clear that changes must be enforced. The government announced last year the introduction of a sugar tax on some drinks, however this will only reduce the sugar by certain amounts. It is therefore up to parents to make sure their children don’t exceed the recommended amount of sugar per day.


The Bugs Group’s partner, Change 4 Life, have created some recommendations or possible swaps that can be made to the food and drink that children consume. Sugary breakfast cereals are one of the worst offenders for high sugar content, so it is recommended to swap out the breakfast cereal and to replace it with a plain cereal or porridge.


Some of children’s favourite snacks such as biscuits and chocolate bars are also high in sugars and should be replaced with fresh fruit, which contain natural sugars, vitamins and minerals. One final simple change is swapping fizzy drinks for water. We all know how harmful sugary drinks can be, so swapping for water that contains no sugar and will keep children hydrated should be a no-brainer.


One of the core aims of The Bugs Group is to not only help get children more active, but also to educate them on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet. Through the themes within sessions, children learn about aspects such as healthy eating, as well as ways fun ways to keep active.


The Bugs Group Nutrition - Sugar Awareness Week


Although Sugar Awareness Week only lasts for one week, sugar consumption must always remain a consideration throughout the year, especially for parents. By making simple changes and monitoring the consumption of sugar, the risk of major health implications such as obesity and diabetes can be drastically reduced.

The FootieBugs Academy – Dad’s Day Tournament at Birmingham City’s Training Ground!


On Sunday the 15th October, it was a case of roles reversed for those connected to The FootieBugs Academy Solihull. After taking their kids to West Warwicks Sports Centre every Thursday or Friday week in and week out to train with the FootieBugs Academy, it was time for the parents to blow the dust off their boots and play in the first ever FootieBugs Academy Solihull Dad’s Day Tournament!


FootieBugs Academy Solihull

Held at Wast Hills, Birmingham City Football Club‘s training ground, the Dad’s joined up with our FootieBugs Coaches to form 9 a-side teams! Following the tournament, Academy Director Ashley gave a presentation on the future of the Academy and the ways that the Academy will get children ‘one step closer to becoming professional’, through detailed player profiles.


With the four teams (Xavi Dodgers FC, Inter The Pub FC, AC Me Rollin’ FC and About To Get Messi FC) ready for action, play was underway. Using the incredible ‘Dome’ and outdoor 4G facilities at the training ground, the teams battled it out in a round robin tournament format. During the games, Academy children could enjoy a bouncy castle, face painting, food stalls, watching their dads in action or take in the fantastic training ground complex, giving them a taster of what could be in store in the future for them!


FootieBugs Academy Solihull

Since the Academy launched in 2016, FootieBugs is a sole company that Birmingham City have agreed to officially partner with. This means that the FootieBugs Academy Solihull is the exclusive provider of talent for the BCFC Academy. A large proportion of the 15 players to be signed from the FootieBugs Academy in the last year have joined the Birmingham Academy. We would like to say a big thank you to Birmingham City for giving everyone the opportunity to attend the Dad’s Day Tournament at their training ground! We are also very excited to continue our partnership with them and are sure with new and detailed player profiles even more of our players will become regular visitors to Wast Hills!


On the pitch, there were some extremely tightly contested matches (barring one 8-0 thrashing), where Xavi Dodgers FC and About To Get Messi FC managed to progress into the final. It was a fantastic start from About To Get Messi, as they stormed into a 2-0 lead and looked to have one hand on the trophy. However, a stunning comeback from Xavi Dodgers saw 3 goals on the bounce before the final whistle, snatching an unlikely victory!


FootieBugs Academy Solihull

Following the team lifting the trophy, Academy Director Ashley delivered his presentation to all Academy children and parents. Ash discussed how the Academy is striving to work with parents and scouts to increase the chances of children getting scouted by professional Academies. By uploading videos and photos to each player’s personal profile, the chances of players getting scouted dramatically increases. This can be by both local scouts who can attend sessions and also those further away by using technology and footage of the player to create reports.


Once again we would like to thank Birmingham City for their fantastic venue, along with all the FootieBugs families that attended the day! We have uploaded some of the pictures from the day onto our Facebook page, which are available for you to view here.

The FootieBugs Spooky Holiday Camp in Solihull this October Half-Term


The FootieBugs Football Holiday Camp in Solihull is just around the corner as Halloween creeps up!


We have a ‘frightening’ amount of fun activities that are sure to keep children entertained during the half-term break!


Alongside the children’s favourite football games and drills such as; the crossbar challenge, free kick competition and penalty shoot out, we have a fantastic themed days and activities!

Football Holiday Camp in Solihull


During the week we will be running activities including, a fantastic sweet treasure hunt, spectacular fancy dress day and also a spooky special competition day! The competition day gives children the opportunity to win fantastic trophies and prizes, while all kids take home a well done certificate!

FootieBugs October Half-term Football Holiday Camp in Solihull


The FootieBugs Football Holiday Camp in Solihull also uses some of the newest training equipment – allowing all children to train like a pro. Some of the equipment that will be used at the camp include; speed resistance parachute, crazy catch, hurdles and ladders and many more!


The FootieBugs camp runs at the Solihull Sixth Form College on Widney Manor Road (B91 3WR). The camp runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm, with extended hours available from 8:30am to 5:30pm – with prices starting from just £12 per day!


To book your child’s place on the FootieBugs Football Holiday Camp in Solihull please either call us on 0121 777 7792 or via our website at

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