YogaBugs invited to run workshops at the Preschool Learning Alliance’s Annual Conference!


YogaBugs are delighted to have been invited to attend the Preschool Learning Alliance’s Annual Conference this week in London! We have been invited to run a workshop at the conference, demonstrating some of the best practice in mental health provision for early years!


Benefits of Yoga for pre-school children


The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Minds matter: protecting the wellbeing of children and practitioners in the early years’ – something that YogaBugs feel passionately about. As recent figures show that one in three children will experience a mental health issue, it is becoming increasingly important for children in early years to receive early intervention and be provided with the tools to help boost mental health and wellbeing through mindfulness.


It is also important that early years practitioners are also receiving support regarding their mental wellbeing, as the Preschool Learning Alliance report that ‘one in six people of working age are diagnosed with a mental health condition in England’. We are honoured to have been invited to run a mindfulness workshop at the conference, demonstrating best practice in developing mental wellbeing in not only early years children, but also for practitioners.


Our workshop will be showcasing how Yoga can be used as a fun and engaging exercise for children in early years and the many physical and mental benefits of Yoga for pre-school children. The YogaBugs ‘Tools for Life’ programme is implemented in hundreds of Nurseries across the country, providing story and imagination based Yoga sessions. As well as fun and creative Yoga inspired movements, sessions include breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques – to help promote a sense of mindfulness and teach children how to deal with different emotions and release negative thoughts such as stress and anxiety.


Here are some benefits of Yoga for pre-school children


  1. Improves Concentration – Children are more focused when getting into different poses, most notably balancing poses.
  2. Improves balance and coordination – Yoga poses have a number of physiological benefits, including increased muscle strength and flexibility.
  3. Encourages a calmer mind – Through breathing and relaxation techniques, children learn a valuable skill at a young age to calm themselves and release negative thoughts, which can be important for later in their life.
  4. Reduces stress – Breathing exercises can be used by children to help control their emotions when they feel stressed and may have a ‘temper tantrum’.
  5. Promotes self-expression – Yoga sessions must incorporate imagination and creativity to allow children to express themselves in a positive environment.
  6. Enhances flexibility and strength – pre-school children lose their range of flexibility as the grow older, so practicing Yoga helps to improve their fine and gross motor skills to develop their muscles.


Benefits of Yoga for pre-school children


As part of the ‘Tools for Life’ programme, practitioners also participate in workshops and CPD mindfulness training. Practitioners will be able to learn different techniques to use to help them de-stress and deal with any other mental wellbeing struggles. Practitioners are also taught further techniques to teach children to further enhance the intervention available to early years children.


To find out more about YogaBugs and the physical and mental benefits of Yoga for pre-school children, please visit our website here. For more information on the Preschool Learning Alliance and the Annual Conference please click here.

Make sure you follow our Social Media pages to keep up to date with the event on Friday the 1st of June 2018!

Benefits of Yoga for pre-school children

The Bugs Groups Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull this Whitsun Week!


We are less than a week away from our Whitsun Week Solihull Holiday Camps! Once again, we will be running our FootieBugs and DanceBugs Holiday Camps! We are also pleased to announce that at all the Whitsun Week camps, we will be introducing our new Customer Loyalty Scheme!



The Bugs Group’s Customer Loyalty Scheme

The Customer Loyalty scheme rewards parents for using any of The Bugs Group’s Holiday Camps with a loyalty card that when completed, will result in a free day at a Holiday Camp! All you have to do is receive your loyalty card when you first attend the camp, fill out your details and bring the card to each morning your child attends the camp, receive a sticker from the Head Coach and return your full card to redeem your reward!


FootieBugs Holiday Camp

The World Cup is now just weeks away – and our FootieBugs Holiday Camp is sure to turn up the World Cup Fever and get children excited for the major tournament! We will have four fun and action packed days of football games and matches – making all kids feel like World Cup stars! Each day at the camp will have a different theme: Team Tuesday, Winning Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and Flag Friday! There will also be mini World Cup matches and tournaments each day – leading up to Friday’s big World Cup Competition Final Day! There will be chances to win trophies and prizes on competition day and every child attending takes home a superstar medal and certificate!


DanceBugs Holiday Camp

This Summer – Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical is coming to the Birmingham Hippodrome and DanceBugs are celebrating by creating our very own representation of Matilda at our Holiday Camp! The holiday camp will not only feature a wide range of dance styles and acrobatics skills for children to learn and practice, but will also include musical theatre scenes and performances, allowing kids to sing and act as well as dance! Throughout the week, we will be working on our unique performance of Matilda, which will be performed to all parents on the Friday at the camp – showcasing children’s excellent work all week! The performance will be followed by an end of week awards ceremony, where all children will receive a DanceBugs rosette and certificate!


After our busy Easter Holiday Camps, there are limited spaces remaining for the upcoming Solihull Holiday Camps this Whitsun Week! Prices start from just £13 per day – with bring a friend and sibling discounts also available! To book your child’s place, please either call 0121 777 7792 or click on the camp you wish to book onto below!


FootieBugs Kids Summer Holiday Camps in SolihullDanceBugs Kids Summer Holiday Camps in Solihull

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 – Stress in Schoolchildren


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week – a week set up by the Mental Health Foundation to help break the stigma surrounding mental health. Current statistics show that two thirds of people will experience a mental health problem during their lifetime – and one in three children will experience a mental health problem throughout their time at primary school.


Fittingly, the focus of Mental Health Awareness Week this year is stress. Children in Years 2 and 6 have been sitting their SATs exams during this week – a time that can be particularly stressful for children and can lead to anxiety problems. Many children will find themselves under pressure to perform at a high level and achieve the best scores possible – and these pressures could come from their school, parents or even their peers.


Children at this young age should not be subject to such high amounts of stress and should be encouraged to simply do their best in a pressure free environment. YogaBugs have been working with a number of schools across the country over the past 10 weeks running SATs preparation courses in the build up to this week.


During YogaBugs sessions, children combine Yoga inspired movements with breathing and relaxation techniques to help develop a sense of mindfulness. By using these techniques, children can shift their focus away from worry and anxiety – reducing the levels of stress they may feel from their upcoming exams.


Children’s mental wellbeing is not only a focus in YogaBugs classes, but in all FootieBugs, DanceBugs and MultiBugs classes too. Throughout all our school sessions, community classes and holiday camps – we make all children feel like superstars by boosting their confidence, self-esteem levels and providing fun sports classes!


Here are some of The Bugs Group’s top tips to helping develop positive mental wellbeing in children:
  • Keep them active – physical exercise helps to reduce cortisol levels (a stress hormone).
  • Encourage play with their friends – social interaction is extremely important for young children as this can boost both their self-esteem and social skills.
  • Use positive affirmations – by using positive affirmations, children can become more confident and suffer less stress/anxiety.
  • Use breathing and relaxation techniques – techniques such as the finger breathing exercise below and help regulate children’s breathing and can be used in stressful situations.

Mental Health Awareness Week

While Mental Health Awareness Week is excellent in helping break the stigma around mental health and encouraging more people to talk about their own health, it must be used as a step to help get more people talking in the long-term. Mental health issues can affect all people, including children who may struggle to know how to discuss any problems they are facing. We must all try to create an environment for each other and our children to feel comfortable to talk about their mental health.

DanceBugs Children’s Dance Classes in Solihull!


DanceBugs run a number of dance classes in Solihull for children aged 1-14, offering fun dance moves, routines around a number of different dance styles! DanceBugs classes not only offer a fun introduction to dance, but allow children to grow and develop their confidence and create their own unique dance style! We offer all children a free taster session to any of our classes so that they are able to come along and enjoy their first session and learn what DanceBugs are all about!


DanceBugs Children's Dance Classes in Solihull

There are a just a few DanceBugs dance classes in Solihull with availability as other classes are currently full! The current classes available for free taster sessions on weeknights and weekends are:


Mondays – 5:30pm-6:30pm – Acrobatics & Gymnastics – 4-8 years old – Light Hall School
Mondays – 5:30pm-6:30pm – All Boys B-Boy, Street & Hip Hop – 3-8 years old – Light Hall School
Saturdays – 10:30am-11am – Freestyle Dance – 2-7 years old – The Village Hotel
Saturdays – 11am-12pm – Acrobatics & Gymnastics – 4-8 years old – The Village Hotel
Sundays – 10am-10:30am – Ballet – 2-7 years old – Solihull Sixth Form College
Sundays – 10:30am-11am – Acrobatics – 4-8 years – Solihull Sixth Form College


Each dance class teaches children a variety of movements and allows them to learn new skills, different themes and work toward creating fabulous routines which are performed to parents at the end of each DanceBugs term. Dance is an excellent form of exercise that helps keep children healthy and active, as well as improving their gross motor skills and making lots of new friends!


Children of all dance abilities are encouraged to join DanceBugs! Whether it is their first experience of dancing or they have danced before, children are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a pressure-free and fun environment, boosting their confidence and self-esteem levels.

DanceBugs Children's Dance Classes in Solihull

DanceBugs children’s dance classes in Solihull run at numerous venous across the area on weeknights and weekends. DanceBugs also offer classes in many more dance styles, including: ballet, street, modern jazz, contemporary, acrobatics, cheerleading and many more! We currently have waiting lists for these classes for children aged 1-14 for when a space opens up!


If you would like to book your child onto a free taster session to any of our dance classes, please either call 0121 777 7792, email [email protected] or click the button below!


DanceBugs Dance Classes in Solihull!


Children’s Activities Week is Almost Here!


The Bugs Group are excited to join Peter Andre, Sid from CBeebies and a host of other famous names in supporting the first UK-wide Children’s Activities Week – April 30 – May 4 2018!

                                                             Children's Activities Week 2018

The Children’s activities revolution is upon us!!! – Children’s Activities Week is an exciting NEW national event celebrating the hundreds of thousands of activities, clubs and classes benefiting millions of children every day across the UK – helping them stay fit, healthy, engaged and happy – and The Bugs Group have signed up to be part of the action!
The Children’s Activities Week’s mission is to:
  • Showcase the huge range of activities which take place every day throughout the country – from sport to languages, science to yoga and art to bush-craft and the fantastic teachers and coaches making it all happen.
  • Raise vital funds for 2 fantastic causes – Caudwell Children are committed to giving disabled children a brighter future by providing the life changing practical and emotional support they need to lead an active and independent life. The Children’s Activities Association is the first not-for-profit, industry-led independent organisation to raise standards in all organised children’s activities and at last offer parents, schools and nurseries a swift way to get peace of mind when making their choices.
  • Highlight the positive impact children’s activities have on physical and mental health and wellbeing for children (and for parents) along with the huge potential benefits developmentally, educationally and socially, that participating within activities can bring. This is at a time when concerns around childhood obesity and levels of screen time rarely seem to be out of our press.
With the focus on FUN, hundreds of thousands of children (and some grown-ups!) will be dressing up to attend their favourite activity, club or class around the theme ‘#WatchMeFly’. Look out across social media or on the streets of Britain during Children’s Activities Week for a wealth of bees, pilots, butterflies, dragons, rockets, ladybirds, superheroes, fairies and more, all in celebration of the week and all the exciting things taking place.

FootieBugs Children's Activities Week 2018

There will also be amazing competitions, planned visits by VIPs – such as sports personalities and Olympians – to clubs and classes and a world record attempt with Sid Sloane from CBeebies! Participants from anywhere in the UK can sign up and join Sid at 10.15 on Monday April 30th as we blast-off Children’s Activities Week in style with the record breaking attempt to engage as many children from around the country in the ‘Copy Sid’ song! 


To celebrate getting up, getting active and having fun, youngsters across the UK will join in with Sid’s fun interactive song and dance routine as he leads the them through a series of easy to follow moves to kick off #CAW2018.


 Sid will then be visiting a wealth of different kids’ clubs and classes, ending with a guest appearance at ‘Under 1 Roof’ in London, as the exciting week comes to a close. Both record attempt and ‘Sid’s Tour’ are sponsored by Morton Michel. 


Thousands of children’s activities and around 200,000 children are expected to participate – and with no charge to be part of the action and so much to enjoy and benefit from, it’s no surprise that Children’s Activities Week is set to be the most inspiring and remarkable event of its type ever witnessed in the UK. 

Children's Activities Week 2018 Information Pack

And, the children’s activity or group who raise the most money for charity and show the most energy and passion for the week will be rewarded with a very special prize – a visit from singer, TV presenter and personality Peter Andre!


The Bugs Group are delighted to be a part of this wonderful new initiative and are excited for a week full of fun activities and getting children active! Throughout all our classes in schools and local community classes, The Bugs Group will be providing hundreds of children with positive experiences of sport and exercise, helping to improve their overall physical and mental wellbeing! 

The Bugs Group supporting Children's Activities Week 2018

A wealth of sports personalities and celebrities including Peter Andre, Sid Sloane, Annabel Karmel, John Farnworth and many more are also supporting Children’s Activities Week.


Sid Sloane, CBeebies presenter comments, “I’m a huge fan of the CAA and their fantastic work to ensure our children’s services meet a quality assured standard, and I can’t wait to get involved with all the fun during Children’s Activities Week!”
Peter Andre comments, Singing, dancing, sports, art; these are all the things that I enjoyed growing up and I now enjoy sharing with my children. Shining a spotlight on the opportunities for children to learn new skills and express themselves is a great idea and raising funds for a fantastic charity like Caudwell Children makes Children’s Activities Week 2018 a really worthwhile event; I’m delighted to be on board.”  
Trudi Beswick, Chief Executive, Caudwell Children added  “I’m so excited about the prospect of Children’s Activities Week 2018, it is going to be a fabulous event. Caudwell Children provides the practical and emotional support children need to lead active and independent lives, helping them to reach their full potential. Together with the Children’s Activities Association and every activity provider involved, we are going to attract the attention of the nation and showcase what amazing things can be achieved when you give children the helping hand they need to follow their dreams. With these shared goals and the combined strength of all of us working together, we can achieve great things. Stand back everyone and watch us fly!”


Children’s Activities Week will run from April 30th to May 4th 2018 UK-wide. For full information and see how you can be part of the action – visit For more information on The Bugs Group, visit

Easter Holiday Camp Review Blog!


We had an extremely busy but enjoyable time at our FootieBugs and DanceBugs Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull this Easter- making sure children kept active throughout the holidays through fun football and dance games and activities!


The FootieBugs football Holiday Camp Solihull had two weeks jam-packed full of fun football mini-games and matches, with over 30 children attending each day! Children developed their core football skills, focusing on different abilities each day to work on and improve their overall ability. They then had the chance to demonstrate these newly developed skills in their favourite mini-games, such as: the crossbar challenge, penalty shoot out and many more! On both Fridays, children were split into teams as part of our competition day – where there were fantastic trophies and prizes up for grabs, while all children took home a FootieBugs superstar certificate and medal.


Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull

The DanceBugs dance Holiday Camp Solihull had a different theme during both weeks, based around a Disney classic! The theme during the first week of the camp was The Lion King, where children learned lots of different dance and acrobatic moves and routines, before relating them to The Lion King story. Week two’s theme was Moana – teaching children a completely different type of dance and movements, whilst focusing on the story and opening the tafiti secret! At the end of each week, children performed the routine they had created and developed to their parents in a fabulous showcase! Everyone was then awarded a special DanceBugs Superstar certificate and rosette for their excellent work throughout the camp!


Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull

The Bugs Group’s Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull will be returning for the May half-term next month, with four days full of fun sports and activities! As the camp will be a just a few weeks before the start of the FIFA World Cup in Russia, our FootieBugs Camp will be themed around the World Cup! Stay tuned to our website and social media pages for more updates on what activities will be at the camp, as well as the themes for our DanceBugs and MultiBugs Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull!


For more information on our Holiday Camps in Solihull – please either call 0121 777 7792 or click below.


The Bugs Group's Holiday Camps in Solihull

Will the Sugar Tax help reduce childhood obesity rates?


The Sugar Tax was finally introduced into the UK last week, two years after it was announced. The tax is expected to raise approximately £240 million per year – which will be invested back into schools sports and breakfast clubs.


The sugar levy will increase the price per litre of drinks that have sugar content over a certain threshold. Drinks that contain over 5g of sugar per 100ml will see an increase in price of 18p per litre, while those containing more than 8g per 100 ml could increase by 24p per litre. The tax comes as a major attempt from the government to reduce the public’s sugar consumption levels and therefore tackling worrying obesity levels.


Sugar Tax Introduced in the UK

Picture via Metro

Public Health England recommended that the maximum daily sugar intake for children aged between seven to ten is six cubes. Putting this into perspective, just one regular 330ml can of cola contains nine cubes of sugar, which already surpasses the maximum recommended intake. High sugar consumption is an extremely large contributing factor to 58% of women and 68% of men being classed as overweight (Telegraph) and more shockingly, one in three children leaving primary school at 11 either overweight or obese.


Obesity can have a number of serious health implications, including some life-threatening conditions. These could include an increased chance of developing diabetes, certain types of cancer, strokes or coronary heart diseases. As well as physical health implications – there are also potential mental health issues as a result of obesity, including low self-esteem or depression (NHS).


There have been both positive and negative reactions from soft drinks companies in reaction to the tax. For example, it is believed that half of all drinks have seen a reduction in sugar content before the tax was introduced – including large companies such as Fanta, Lucozade and Ribena. However, not all companies have made recipe changes, with Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s sugar content remaining at 11g and 10.6g per 100ml respectively (BBC).


While the Sugar Tax is definitely a big step in addressing the nation’s health issues, it has to be followed up with other initiatives, targeted at further increasing activity levels and reducing sugars in foods such as cakes, biscuits or cereal. Currently, children are still getting too many calories from unhealthy snacks and not reaching their targeted activity levels.


The Bugs Group believe that continuing the work that the Sugar Tax has started and by introducing similar procedures to food products will help to raise more funds to be invested back into school’s PE and Sport Premium Funding and further educating young people and their parents on the importance of exercise. While the results of the Sugar Tax may not be known for a few months, we hope to see the number of sugar drinks being consumed reduce and both childhood and national obesity figures to decrease.


The Bugs Group run fun and engaging school sports classes, community classes and holiday camps across the UK. We aim to give all children a positive experience of exercise and sport – helping them to continue to remain active as they grow older. If you would like any more information about our programmes, please click here to view our website or call us on 0121 777 7792.

The Bugs Group’s Active Schools Initiative!


The Bugs Group’s Active Schools Initiative is coming to schools across Birmingham this Summer!


Recent figures from the Youth Sport Trust revealed that one in three children leaving primary school are obese and that one in ten children per classroom will experience a mental health issue throughout primary school. These shocking stats have helped us to create our Active Schools Initiative – aiming to help get schoolchildren in Birmingham more physically active to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing!


There is a need for change specifically in the Birmingham area, as 6% of children can be classed as ‘severely obese’. This figure is also nearly 2% more than the national average – which is why Birmingham schools will be offered a free 30 minute sports session!


The Bugs Group's Active Schools Initiative

A survey from Public Health England looking at the effects of physical activity on children’s emotional wellbeing found that being active made children between the ages of 5 and 11 feel:
  • happier (79%)
  • more sociable (74%)
  • more confident (72%)
On top of this, 93% of children said that they enjoyed being active!


While the physical benefits of sport and exercise are well known (reduces risk of obesity and other health issues), exercise also has a number of benefits on mental health. Exercise can improve children’s wellbeing, as they increase their self-esteem and confidence levels, whilst also reducing their stress levels through the release of endorphins.


The Bugs Group are already working with lots of schools within Birmingham, Solihull and other surrounding areas, running Sport Development Programmes as part of both school curriculum and extra-curricular time. Our unique sessions combine sport with children’s imagination around stories or different themes to actively engage all children in physical activity.


The Active Schools Initiative was designed to help reach more schoolchildren and provide them with an extra sports session to give them a positive and enjoyable experience of sport. By having a positive experience of sport at a young age, children are more likely to stay active and healthy – increasingly important given that the number of children achieving the government recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day drops by 40% as they progress through primary school.


If you would like to find out more about The Bugs Group’s Active Schools Initiative, or any of our programmes/classes, please visit our website below.

More Info on The Bugs Group's Active Schools Initiative

Children’s Activity Levels are Reducing – How The Bugs Group’s Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull are Fighting the Trend.


More and more children are becoming inactive in the UK due to the development of technology. Children are now spending more time on their phones, in front of television screens or on their tablets rather than getting outside and being physically active. This is echoed by a staggering 87% of parents – who believe that technology has directly contributed to the decline in children’s exercise levels. (UK Active)


Public Health England report that when children aged 5-11 are physically active, 79% are more likely to feel happier, with 74% feeling more sociable and 72% feeling more confident. So why do children choose a games console over playing sport with their friends, when 93% of children said they like being active?

Image from


Children may view school holidays as a time to switch off or relax, but without the two hours of curriculum PE guaranteed during school time – how will children get active? Sadly, the answer to this is that the majority will not. Only 23% of boys and 20% of girls actually meet the recommended levels of physical activity a day.


The Bugs Group are calling for a change and these trends to be reversed! There are many benefits to children for getting physically active and exercising. Not only are children that regularly exercise less likely to become overweight, they are also more likely to develop their confidence and improve their overall mental health and wellbeing.


Through FootieBugs, DanceBugs, YogaBugs and MultiBugs, The Bugs Group provide children with fun and engaging sports sessions. Our sessions help get children active and give them positive experiences of sport at a young age – making them more likely to continue to stay physically active and participate in sport!


The Bugs Group also run Holiday Camps during all school holidays – giving children the opportunity to get off the sofa, put their phones away and get active! Our FootieBugs, DanceBugs and MultiBugs Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull combine children’s favourite sporting activities with fun mini-games and matches/performances – with different themes every half-term!


The Holiday Camps run from 9:30am-3:30pm, making sure that children can not only reach, but surpass their recommended minimum daily activity levels as part of a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle!


Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull

Prices start at just £9 per day for new customers at our Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull – for more information about our camps or any of The Bugs Group’s classes, please call 0121 777 7792 or click here.

World Autism Awareness Week 2018


This week (commencing Monday the 26th of March) is World Autism Awareness Week. The purpose of the week is to help raise the overall awareness surrounding autism, so that more people can gain a greater understanding of autism.


Information on Autism


Over 1% of the total UK population are on the autistic spectrum, which means autism has a daily effect on 2.8 million people’s lives, when including families. People living with autism or that can be affected by autism are at a greater risk of developing mental health issues through feeling isolated.
The National Autistic Society (who are fundraising from World Autism Awareness Week) have released some statistics on children that are on the autism spectrum:
  • 34% of children on the autism spectrum say that the worst thing about being at school is being picked on.
  • 63% of children on the autism spectrum are not in the kind of school their parents believe would best support them.
  • 17% of autistic children have been suspended from school, 48% of these had been suspended three or more times and 4% had been expelled from one or more schools.
(National Autistic Society)
These alarming stats show that there is a need not only for more awareness or autism, but to support those that are on the spectrum, especially more vulnerable young children.


How Yoga can help children with Autism


Yoga is a physical activity that is not only non-competitive, but is also all-inclusive – meaning children can develop at their own pace and not feel ‘pressured’ to win or progress quickly. By combining simple yoga postures with breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, a foundation can be built for autistic children to help grow and thrive.
This combination of breathing and relaxation allows children to focus their mind and the movements of their body, improving their mobility, memory and communication skills. Research Autism also believe that yoga can be a useful way to help autistic children improve their behaviour and social skills, as they begin to imitate others.


The work YogaBugs are doing


Through working in hundreds of schools and running community classes across the UK, YogaBugs are getting lots of autistic children physically active and aiming to help provide them with greater support. YogaBugs sessions differ from regular yoga sessions, as children do not just learn poses, but follow stories and adventures to become more engaged. Autistic children enjoy routines, familiarity and stability – so following structured stories can help them understand sessions easier.
Children with autism may feel extreme anxiety and stress for a number of reasons during school. YogaBugs sessions help children to relieve this stress and anxiety, whilst boosting their confidence and self-esteem levels – which in turn helps to reduce their behaviour levels. Children will gain a sense of belonging within their class through joining in the same activity together and by following stories, help focus on their listening and social skills/interactions.

World Autism Awareness Week 2018

For more information on YogaBugs’ work within schools or community classes, please visit our website here. World Autism Awareness Week is focused on raising awareness of autism, so that more and more people can help support and understand those with autism. This is especially important within schools to help reduce bullying. Please visit the National Autistic Society to find out more information and how you can get involved.

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