Yoga for kids During Lockdown

two young children and a yogabugs coach pretending to be lions

Yoga for kids During Lockdown 

Here at YogaBugs we have created fun activities involving kid-friendly yoga classes. There is a big emphasis on children having fun in a YogaBugs class, we take children on wild adventures and encourage them to use their creative imagination while they benefit from exercise.

When we teach kids, our mission is not for them to be perfect yogi’s but instead help give them some of the fantastic tools that come from yoga, that help when life gets hard. We have created not only mindfulness activities to aid with children’s mental health, but physical live YogaBugs adventures to join in with at home. Our YogaBugs story adventures take place every Monday and Friday on Facebook live, and then are uploaded onto our very own YouTube channel, so they can be completed at another time that is of more convenience. 

At a time like this, children will be scared, anxious and unsure as to what’s happening so Let’s give them an opportunity for to think about other things and provide some sense of normalcy. Playing and learning is so important to growth and development and that cannot stop just because we’re at home. Protecting children’s mental health is so important, and our activities are designed to get children not only thinking about their feelings but also talking about them!

Yoga is a powerful tool to relax and is especially important to practice during the stressful times we are facing with COVID-19.

Yoga is helpful because it’s a compassionate way to practice having play and fun, but it’s also a way to have a moment just with yourself. Even if you or your child have never attempted yoga before, now is the time to try something new!

All children can do YogaBugs, which helps their confidence grow in a pressure free environment. Balancing postures help children to focus their mind and concentration techniques keep the mind in one place instead of letting it wander.

Here at YogaBugs, we are still contactable through our Facebook page too, in case you have any questions. 


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