Tips for Home Schooling during Coronavirus

children studying a globe while a teachers watches them

There are over 861 million children around the world now learning from home, with parents having
to quickly learn how to home-school their children. This is quite a challenge for many of us,
especially if you more than 1 child in different year groups and also if it’s been a long time since you
have been to school yourself! So much has changed…

All we can do is try our best and as always do the best for our children. We have put together a few
tips to help you with your day:

Make a schedule and stick to it: Routine is key for children at all times, but while learning at home,
it’s more important than ever! Make sure there is plenty of variety of what you are doing with the
children. You can allow some flexibility with how your scheduled day compared to being at school –
if you child is an early riser, why not start before 9am and finish earlier and vice versa if your child
needs more sleep.

A healthy sleeping pattern is really important for all children, click here for some great routines for
your children!

Set up a dedicated space for learning: kids may need to move around during the day, but having a
dedicated area for learning will help your child focus. Put your children’s books, pencil case and
learning material in this area.

Use what you have access to: There are a few advantages of being at home, such as your children’s
favourite books, you can teach them about cooking, baking, healthy eating and if you have garden,
you can teach teacher outdoor education – see what you can discover together.
Don’t get mad at yourself: You are not a teacher, you have not been taught to be a teacher, you are
a good parent who is trying their best – your children will learn from you, have patience and

No screen time at breaks: children would not usually be able to access TVs, phones and computers
throughout the day, so don’t let them when learning at home! Limited screen time is really
important during this time that we are all at home.

Get some exercise: We know this harder in the house, especially if you don’t have a garden, but we
can help!

If you child loves football – you can practice some football skills here with coach Ash!

Limited on space? Looking for something to help focus your child’s energy and finish with a bit of
Zen? Take part in YogaBugs adventures with Teacher Lisa.

Does your child love to dance? You can do it from your own lounge, right here!.

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