The FootieBugs Spooky Holiday Camp in Solihull this October Half-Term


The FootieBugs Football Holiday Camp in Solihull is just around the corner as Halloween creeps up!


We have a ‘frightening’ amount of fun activities that are sure to keep children entertained during the half-term break!


Alongside the children’s favourite football games and drills such as; the crossbar challenge, free kick competition and penalty shoot out, we have a fantastic themed days and activities!

Football Holiday Camp in Solihull


During the week we will be running activities including, a fantastic sweet treasure hunt, spectacular fancy dress day and also a spooky special competition day! The competition day gives children the opportunity to win fantastic trophies and prizes, while all kids take home a well done certificate!

FootieBugs October Half-term Football Holiday Camp in Solihull


The FootieBugs Football Holiday Camp in Solihull also uses some of the newest training equipment – allowing all children to train like a pro. Some of the equipment that will be used at the camp include; speed resistance parachute, crazy catch, hurdles and ladders and many more!


The FootieBugs camp runs at the Solihull Sixth Form College on Widney Manor Road (B91 3WR). The camp runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm, with extended hours available from 8:30am to 5:30pm – with prices starting from just £12 per day!


To book your child’s place on the FootieBugs Football Holiday Camp in Solihull please either call us on 0121 777 7792 or via our website at

Another FootieBugs Academy Star Signed to a Professional Club’s Academy!


Edward Smith is the latest hot prospect from the FootieBugs Academy to be scouted and signed to a professional club’s academy! Edward has joined the academy set up at Birmingham City Football Club – well done Edward!


FootieBugs Football Academy in Solihull - Edward Smith BCFC

FootieBugs manager Ashley Sammons was delighted to find out Edward has joined the Birmingham City Academy:


I’m really proud of Edward and how he has developed as a young footballer. His technical ability and understanding of the game is phenomenal for someone so young. He has electric pace and I genuinely think he is a star of the future.”


Edward has been with FootieBugs since the age of four, starting his journey at local FootieBugs community classes. By learning through story adventures, Edward was introduced to the basics of football in an engaging and exciting way that created a strong base of skills, such as dribbling and passing.


He then moved up into the 5-7’s age group, where he played with lots of his friends. The 5-7’s class  introduces more advanced football skills to players, whilst carrying on with the focus on children’s enjoyment.  Edward began to learn more specific match skills and work within teams and groups with his friends.


Edward was then offered a place at the FootieBugs Football Academy in Solihull in 2016. His excellent performances in the community classes led to the coaches inviting him to a trial at the academy, where he excelled and earned his place in the U7’s.


The academy runs at Olton West Warwickshire Sports Club every Thursday and Friday. Academy players are introduced to more advanced technical and tactical aspects of the game. The academy teachers players through expert drills, matches against local clubs and homework skills. This ensures players have the experience and confidence to shine when professional club’s scouts from across the country visit our sessions.


FootieBugs Football Academy in Solihull

Edward’s fantastic performances at the academy saw him scouted by Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion and Birmingham City. He came to the decision to join Birmingham City and we wish Edward the best of luck for the future!


To find out more about FootieBugs community classes or the FootieBugs Football Academy in Solihull, please either visit our website or call 0121 777 7792.

World Mental Health Day 2017 – #ItsOkNotToBeOk


Today, Tuesday the 10th of October is World Mental Health Day. Over recent years, there appears to have been an increase in the number of cases being reported. Currently, the World Mental Health Foundation estimate that one in six people each week experience a common mental health problem.


World Mental Health Day - YogaBugs

Mental Health issues are also becoming more common in young people and children. Young Minds report that around one in ten children have a diagnosable mental health disorder. In a school environment, this equates to one children in three per classroom.


On a positive note, more work is being done to help break the stigma around mental health issues. Recently, Prince William and Prince Harry have spoken about their personal past experiences and encouraged more people that it is okay to talk about difficulties they may be experiencing.


This is a trend that must be continued and more and more support must be given to those suffering with mental health illnesses, or those in positions to help, such as parents, teachers and relatives.


A recent study has shown that regular exercise can not only help in dealing with mental health issues, but can also prevent them from occurring. Yoga is an excellent activity that has many health benefits; “regular yoga practice is beneficial for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, aches and pains – including lower back pain – depression and stress” (NHS).


YogaBugs focuses on providing children with fun and engaging Yoga sessions by combing yoga inspired movements with storytelling and imagination. YogaBugs classes also integrate mindfulness programmes, focusing on breathing and relaxation techniques and meditation that children can use to help deal with stressful or adverse situations. These techniques also help children develop their own mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

World Mental Health Day - YogaBugs

The importance of regular exercise and activity should not be underestimated in the fight against mental health. Those suffering from mental health issues need support and guidance from those close around them and the trend of raising awareness of mental health issues needs to continue, that #ItsOkNotToBeOk and encourage people to talk about issues that they may be experiencing. World Mental Health Day 2017 will hopefully help more and more people break the stigma surround mental health issues.


If you would like to find out more about YogaBugs, either through our classes in Nurseries and Schools or through our local community classes, please visit our website here or call 0121 777 7792.

The Bugs Group Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull this October Half-term!


There are only three weeks until The Bugs Group’s kids holiday camps in Solihull start again for the October Half-Term! All of our holiday camps in Solihull and South Birmingham focus on keeping children active and entertained during school holidays. The October Holiday Camp will also have a special Halloween theme!


Running across Solihull, The Bugs Group run three fantastic holiday camps through FootieBugs, DanceBugs and MultiBugs.


The Bugs Group Kids Holiday Camp in SolihullThe Bugs Group Kids Holiday Camp in Solihull














The FootieBugs kids holiday camp in Solihull offers boys and girls from ages 4-12 a fantastic week packed full of fun football activities and games! Children on the FootieBugs holiday camp will develop their core football skills through different drills and activities, but will also play matches and some of their favourite games such as the cross bar challenge and free kick teaser target! On the Friday of the camp, we will have a special Halloween themed competition day! On the competition day, children will be made to feel like stars as all take home a medal and certificate, with the winning team taking away fantastic trophies and prizes!


FootieBugs are also running the Junior Coach Programme during the holiday camp. The programme allows those aged 12-16 who are considering a career in football or sports coaching to gain fantastic experience shadowing our FootieBugs coaches! Junior Coaches will have the opportunity to complete 5 levels of training, working on their leadership and communication skills, developing their confidence in coaching and learning the special ‘FootieBugs way’ of coaching!


The DanceBugs kids holiday camp in Solihull encourages children to get creative with their movements and learn a variety of dance styles! Children on the camp will experience dance styles such as freestyle, ballet, acro and many more! Throughout the week, kids will work on creating their own unique routine that will be performed to their parents at the end of the week! With Halloween just around the corner, the performance will be sure to follow the spooky theme – so parents may have to beware of a scare! After the performance, all children receive a certificate and rosette for their fantastic work!


Both the FootieBugs and DanceBugs holiday camps run at the Solihull Sixth Form in Solihull, meaning it is perfect for those siblings who may wish to do different activities during the October half term!


Our final kids holiday camp in Solihull is our MultiBugs camp. The MultiBugs camp combines over 30 different sports and games each week! This means children will be able to play some of their favourite sports, such as football and tennis, but also play some they may never have played before, such as dodgeball or badminton! Similarly to the FootieBugs camp, the Friday will also be competition day with the spooky Halloween theme. Children will make new friends in teams and have the chance to compete for fantastic prizes and trophies – whilst having fun playing a superb range of games and sports. The MultiBugs holiday camp has changed venue for this October – it will now be held at Tudor Grange Academy in Solihull!


FootieBugs Kids Holiday Camp in SolihullBook DanceBugs Kids Holiday Camp in SolihullBook MultiBugs Kids Holiday Camp in Solihull

The Bugs Group’s kids holiday camps in Solihull run from 9:30am to 3:30pm, with extended hours available from 8:30am to 5:30pm. To book your child’s place on any of the camps, please click the button below and select the camp you wish to book onto or call 0121 777 7792!


Book The Bugs Group Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull


The FootieBugs Academy – One Step Closer to Becoming Professional


With the new football season in full swing, professional clubs all across the country are on the lookout for the next football superstar that has what it takes to play at the elite level. The FootieBugs Academy  is a children’s football academy in Solihull and is the perfect place to be to uncover these stars.


The FootieBugs Academy running in Solihull is an elite training programme for children aged between 5 and 11. We work and have connections with scouts from professional clubs across the whole of the UK.

FootieBugs Children's Football Academy in Solihull

Whether it is the red of Liverpool, the blue of Chelsea, or any top English that your child dreams of wearing in the future, the FootieBugs Academy is possibly the first step on the ladder to reach that dream.
With the ability to feed into almost every professional club in the country, FootieBugs is in the perfect position to ensure that when your child is ready, they will be given every opportunity to be noticed by the all the professional clubs’ academy set ups not only locally, but also nationally.
And we do mean nationally, for example should a northern based club such as Manchester United, Manchester City or Everton or southern based club such as Chelsea, Tottenham or Arsenal show an interest, then they would send along their local scout to watch the player during either a FootieBugs training session or a FootieBugs match against another academy.
On a more local basis the relationship FootieBugs has with championship side Birmingham City has even led to the FootieBugs Academy being the only academy to supply players to the BCFC academy.


One of the key reasons that all the top clubs work with FootieBugs, is that FootieBugs has an excellent reputation for not only spotting talent but also nurturing this talent through our impressive academy training programmes.


FootieBugs Children's Football Academy in Solihull

Given that all FootieBugs academy sessions are run in line with the top clubs’ own academy training programmes, it is not unusual to see a number of guest coaches from the different professional clubs taking the sessions or advising players.
During FootieBugs sessions, which are coached age appropriately, our expert coaches introduce children of a more advanced ability in their age group to the more technical and tactical aspects of the game. Through different drills, matches against local clubs and homework skills, FootieBugs Academy children will gain the confidence and experience that will catch the eyes of professional club scouts that attend our sessions.


FootieBugs Children's Football Academy in Solihull

Recently, the FootieBugs children’s football academy in Solihull was featured on Made in Birmingham TV. They came to find out all about the academy and chat with FootieBugs Manager Ashley Sammons. You can find the video on catch up here.
The FootieBugs children’s football academy in Solihull is also an official partner of BBC Get Inspired. Together, we are working to increase children’s activity levels and get them into playing sport and improve their skills.
We run the academy at West Warwickshire Sports Club in Solihull on Thursdays and Fridays.


If you believe your child has the footballing ability to progress to the next level, then please contact us for a trial via 0121 777 7792. We can help your child one step closer to becoming professional.

New DanceBugs Classes in Solihull starting in September!


After recently appointing new DanceBugs manager Charlotte, we are now opening fantastic new children’s dance classes in Solihull and Birmingham!


We offer a large variety of different dance styles in our classes. These include; freestyle, acro, street, pom dance, ballet and many more! This ensures that no matter what style your child prefers or would like to learn, DanceBugs have it covered! Through experiencing the range of styles, kids will develop  their own unique style and blossom in confidence.

Children's Dance classes in Solihull

All DanceBugs classes are perfectly suited to both boys and girls, running for ages one upwards! We strive to make all of our dance lessons enjoyable through different themes and stories. This not only helps improve children’s fitness and flexibility, but also their confidence levels and behaviour!


The Dance classes timetables are split into our pre-school timetable and our dance school timetable. This ensures that all our classes are taught age appropriately, allowing children to progress at similar levels. Our children’s dance classes in Solihull run at the Village Hotel in Shirley on Saturday mornings and the Solihull Sixth form on Sunday Mornings. However, we do also run evening classes in Solihull throughout the week for those children over the age of six. Please call Charlotte on 0121 777 7792 to find out class details and which would be most suitable for you.


We offer children the opportunity to come and have a free trial to our dance classes! This means that you can come along to your first class and see what we’re all about, how our sessions run and most importantly, how much your child will love it!

Children's Dance Classes in Solihull

If you would like to book your child onto a free taster session, or would like to know more information on DanceBugs, please either call Charlotte on 0121 777 7792 or email:

Five years on, have we seen the effects of the ‘Olympic Legacy’?


It has been five years this month since the iconic London Olympic Games. Five years since the breathtaking opening ceremony featuring the Queen and Mr Bean. Five years since Sir Chris Hoy claimed his sixth Olympic gold medal. And five years since that ‘Super Saturday’, with six Team GB gold medals – three of which came within an hour at the evening athletics session.
The 2012 the games in London were built around creating a legacy to inspire the nation and overall increase participation within sport. So, after the most successful medal tally from Team GB (later surpassed in Rio 2016), has the legacy actually helped more people participate and get active?


Unfortunately, there has been little increase in overall participation, according to the BBC and Sport England.


Despite a £1 billion investment into grassroots sport, the participation levels of those surveyed has appeared to stay around the same level. This can be seen in the graph below.



Due to the record breaking performance of Team GB, it was hoped there would be a dramatic spike in participation after 2012. However, the graph shows that figures from all age groups stayed as they were before and have failed to increase since.
There figures however only concern those ages 14 and above. So, is the story any different for the younger generation?
The study looked at participation levels of age groups 5-10 years old and 11-15 years old and if the Olympics had a positive effect on them wanting to get active. While younger children’s participation levels are higher than those older than 15, there has still been little to no increase in levels since 2012 (as seen below).


According to the survey, around 70% of those between 5-10 said “not at all” in response to a question on whether they were encouraged to take part in sport since hosting the Olympics. However, 57% of those aged 11-15 said they had been encouraged from the 2012 Games.
It should also be noted that these figures represent participation in sport for at least 30 minutes a week. While it is positive that high percentages are shown from 11-15-year olds, it is still worrying that this amount of time participating is not higher, as the recommended amount of physical activity per week is far greater than just 30 minutes.
The Bugs Group are seeking to get as many children possible across the country active and participating in sport. Through working within schools and nurseries, running community classes and also holiday camps, we introduce children to sport and physical activity and give them positive experiences through engaging them with sport in a fun way.


Through FootieBugs, YogaBugs, DanceBugs and MultiBugs we offer a wide variety of activities that are taught through the use of imagination and storytelling around different themes. Children will go on jungle adventures through yoga, supercar adventures with footballs and explore creative movements through dance!
We have recently teamed up with BBC Get Inspired to try and encourage as many people as possible to start participating in sport and remain physically active and healthy. View our activities on the Get Inspired website here.


If you would like to find out more information on The Bugs Group and any of our activities, please either call 0121 777 7792 or visit our website.

BBC Report – Number of Children with Type 2 Diabetes Rising


The BBC have reported that local councils are finding a “hugely disturbing trend” as the number of cases of children being treated for type 2 diabetes is rising. There are now more than 600 children receiving treatment, with some as young as five.


According to the NHS, type 2 diabetes is strongly linked with being overweight and obesity. Being obese can significantly increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, especially within young children.
It is clear to see the direct correlation between the rising number of children with type 2 diabetes and child obesity rates rising. As of 2016, one in five children leaving year 6 were classified as obese, with one in ten children starting in reception.


There are a number of serious health factors that can be caused by type 2 diabetes. The most serious issue is the increased chance of suffering a cardiovascular disease, which can include heart attacks or strokes. There is also increased risks of damage to nerves, the kidneys and the eyes (Mayo Clinic).
It is worrying to see that despite lots of efforts to reduce child obesity and the risk of diabetes, figures are still rising. Having children at such a young age with potentially serious health complications is an issue that clearly needs more support and effort into tackling to help prevent it.
Diabetes UK believe that three in five cases of type 2 diabetes can actually be prevented or delayed through a number of ways. The two easiest and best ways to reduce the risk is by simply eating better and getting more active. By engaging in physical activity and eating a healthy and balanced diet, it can dramatically reduce the chances of becoming overweight.


There are also calls for the Government to ban or limit junk food adverts on TV and also reduce the levels of sugar and fat content within food products that are popular with children. This could be one possible way to deal with the rising number of children with type 2 diabetes.
The Bugs Group believe in promoting physical and healthy eating through our fun and engaging sessions. We introduce children to sport and physical exercise at an early age and create positive experiences so that they are sure to enjoy and keep participating.


Children’s overall well-being is at the forefront of everything we do. Within The Bugs Group we operate as FootieBugs, YogaBugs, DanceBugs and MultiBugs. Each company uses their specific expertise to create programmes specifically tailored to suiting children’s needs and benefiting them.
The way we teach our sessions is through combing sport and physical activity with storytelling and imagination. This means children go on fun adventures and learn through play. Our adventures and sessions can be themed on anything from children’s favourite superheroes to the importance of eating healthily. We aim to promote positive habits to try and counter the rising number of children with type 2 diabetes.


The Bugs Group - Promoting Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

The Bugs Group work within schools and nurseries, run holiday camps and also community classes to ensure children always have an opportunity to get active and healthy. If you would like to find out more information on The Bugs Group, please either visit our website, email or call 0121 777 792.

FootieBugs Summer Holiday Camp Half-Time Review!


As we near the halfway point of the school summer holidays, our Kids Football Holiday Camp in Solihull is well underway!


Although the weather hasn’t been perfect so far, we’ve been having lots of fun in the sports hall! There has been lots of excellent work from all the children at the camp and we can see an improvement in their skills already.


Alongside the usual favourite games such as the crossbar challenge and penalty shootouts, children have also used a range of training equipment! Ladders, hurdles and parachutes have all been used to work on more technical and physical skills. The children have had lots of fun using the new equipment and the parachute proved to be the most popular in the skills station session!

Kids Football Holiday Camp in Solihull

We have also had different themed days at the camp, such as ‘Fact Tuesday’. On fact Tuesday the kids told an interesting fact about their favourite team to try and collect points before the World Cup competition day every Friday!


On World Cup competition day, children are split into teams and pick an international country to be before competing in a number of games and activities to collect points! At the end of the day the team with the most points are crowned the winners! The winning team win special trophies, but everyone goes home with a medal and a certificate!


Here are last week’s winners with their trophies.

Kids Football Holiday Camp in Solihull

We will also be welcoming two Junior Coaches onto the camp next week, as part of the Junior Coach Programme. Whilst helping with the running of the camp, they will also be learning from our experienced coaches and progressing through different levels of the programme. Once they have reached level 5, they will have learnt ‘the FootieBugs way’ of coaching and will be confident in running technical drills and fun games by themselves. To find out more on the Junior Coach Programme, please click here.

Kids Football Holiday Camp in Solihull

There are now just three weeks left on the Kids Football Holiday Camp in Solihull and places are running out. If you would like to book your child onto the camp, please either visit our website here, call 0121 777 7792 or email

DanceBugs are Recruiting!


Here at DanceBugs, we are always searching for energetic and bubbly dance teachers to join our team!


After hiring our new DanceBugs Manager Charlotte, who has over 12 years experience in the industry, we are expanding! We are looking for passionate and confident dance teachers in Solihull and Birmingham to join our team in time for September and also throughout the 17/18 academic year.


If you are someone that has a passion for all things dance and staying fit and healthy and would like to share this passion through teaching children, then this is the opportunity for you!


At DanceBugs, we work within schools and nurseries and run our own community classes, holiday camps and dance school. This means that there is always teaching opportunities during weekdays/nights, weekends (which can also include birthday parties) and during school holidays! We teach children from the age of 1 all about dance by combining dance moves with stories and themes, encouraging children to learn, love and progress through dance. DanceBugs don’t just focus on one particular style of dance, but we like to offer a wide variety of styles! This can range from ballet to street, or even freestyle to acro!

Dance Teachers in Solihull and Birmingham

So what experience do you need?

A qualification from the IDTA or other similar recognised governing body is required for the role. Ideally you would also have some form of experience in teaching, writing and creating lesson plans and also creating choreographic performances.


Are you the right fit for a DanceBugs teacher?

DanceBugs is all about having fun. So all our teachers must be energetic and encourage children to enjoy dance and replicate that passion and excitement from a young age. All our teachers need to be seen as role models to children and therefore must be extremely passionate about dance and working with children. You must also have a fun and bubbly personality, which can clearly come across when confidently teaching classes. Finally, you must be fully committed to work for an exciting and growing company, with lots of future opportunities as we expand.

Dance Teachers in Solihull and Birmingham

Successful candidates will be trained the DanceBugs way and will initially be given class plans and mentoring from our DanceBugs Manager. DanceBugs is a part of The Bugs Group.


If you believe this sounds like an exciting opportunity and one you would love to take on, please get in contact with us by calling 0121 777 7792 or applying via!

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