The Bugs Group supports Youth Sport Trust’s belief for increased emphasis on Curriculum PE in Schools


Recently, the Youth Sport Trust have found that almost 40% of secondary schools in England have reduced the number of PE lessons timetabled in since 2012. The figures also revealed that nearly a quarter of schools have done so within the last year.


The figures also found that after the transition between KS3 and KS4, there was a 21% decrease in the levels of curriculum PE a week. One of the main reasons for the reduction of PE lessons was due to more time being allocated for core subjects such as Maths or English, possibly due to exam pressures.


In an age where obesity and mental health issues within young children and teenagers are becoming increasingly common, it is extremely concerning to discover that physical activity and PE lessons (which can counter obesity rates and help to improve mental health) are being reduced.


The Youth Sport Trust is campaigning for curriculum PE to become a more integral part of the curriculum within schools, which The Bugs Group fully support.


While the research refers to secondary school’s PE levels, it is extremely important that primary schools do not follow a similar trend. The Bugs Group work with hundreds of primary schools across the country, running fun and engaging sport sessions through both curriculum PE time and extracurricular classes.

Current stats show that one in five reception children and one in three year six children are either overweight or obese, meaning there is an underlying issue with obesity levels before children reach secondary school.


Similarly to GCSE’s in secondary schools, there is an increasing amount of stress and pressure put on children during SATs exams. By reducing the levels of PE children participate in, it can actually increase the amount of stress put on children, as exercise helps to reduce cortisol levels.


Instead, PE within the curriculum at both primary and secondary schools should be promoted and increased where possible. PE lessons are a vital in improving not only physical health and obesity levels, but also mental and social aspects within children, contributing to their overall health and wellbeing in a positive manor.


For more information about The Bugs Group’s work within primary schools across the UK, please call 0121 777 7792 or click here.

The Bugs Group’s Fundraiser for CLIC Sargent at Morrisons Solihull!

On Saturday the 10th of February, The Bugs Group were at Morrisons Solihull helping to raise money for children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent!


This was the second Fundraiser for CLIC Sargent The Bugs Group have held at Morrisons, after previously running an endurance cycle event in August 2017! The focus this time was on getting children active whilst raising money!

After recent statistics showed that childhood obesity levels had risen in the Solihull area, children were encouraged to perform some football skills and dance moves when donating to CLIC Sargent.


The idea to help get children more active came after a recent report found alarming childhood obesity rates within Solihull. It was found that one in five reception children were overweight or obese, which increased to one in three during year six.


Children who got active and donated were entered into a prize draw to win free days at any of The Bugs Group’s Holiday Camps in Solihull! The winners of the competition had the choice between the FootieBugs Football Holiday Camp, DanceBugs Dance Holiday Camp or the MultiBugs Multi-Sports Holiday Camp!


All three of the Holiday Clubs run at venues across Solihull for boys and girls aged from 4-16. The camps are focused on keeping children active and entertained during school holidays, helping to break the common trend of children sat in front of the TV during half-terms, missing out on the amount of physical activity suggested by the NHS as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

The February Half-Term Holiday Camps have started this week -but there are limited places remaining! To get your child active on any of our fun sports holiday camps please book by calling 0121 777 7792 or by clicking here.


Currently, 11 children will be diagnosed with Cancer in the UK a day. CLIC Sargent provide support for these children and their families. To find out more about CLIC Sargent’s fantastic work, please click here.

The Childhood Obesity Crisis in Solihull


The Bugs Group’s Holiday Camps in Solihull are now less than a week away! This means that there is not long left to book onto our FootieBugs, DanceBugs or MultiBugs camps across Solihull!


Currently in Solihull, one in five reception children and one in three children in year six are either overweight or obese. These worrying statistics mean that youngsters in Solihull are at a greater risk of health issues such as heart disease or type two diabetes.

The Bugs Group Children's Physical Activities

Worryingly, the figures of children with diabetes in Solihull is rising at a quicker rate than the national average.


All of our Holiday Camps in Solihull offer fun and engaging sporting activities for children – to help keep them active and create positive experiences of sport and physical exercise. By getting more children to enjoy exercise and sport, these worrying stats on childhood obesity in Solihull will start to reduce.


With three camps running for both boys and girls from the ages of 4-12, children are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what camp they would like to attend!


Running at the Solihull Sixth Form are our FootieBugs and DanceBugs Holiday Camps. The FootieBugs Camp includes a full week of fun football games and activities, where children will make friends and perfect their skills! At the DanceBugs Camp, children will learn a range of different dance, acrobatics and performance routines! The Friday at both camps will be a special Competition Day and Performance Day – where there will be fun team games and prizes at the FootieBugs Camp and a dance routine performance to parents and rewards ceremony at the DanceBugs Camp!

Holiday Camps in SolihullHoliday Camps in Solihull


The MultiBugs Holiday Camp runs at Tudor Grange Secondary Academy and provides children with only 30 different sports and activities to play! Children will be able to play some of their favourite sports like football and tennis, but also experience new ones they may not have played before like golf or dodgeball! The Friday of the camp is also Competition Day, with more fantastic prizes and trophies on offer!

Holiday Camps Solihull


With not long before the camps start and prices starting from just £9 – now is the time to book your child’s place onto any of The Bugs Group’s Holiday Camps in Solihull. To book either call 0121 777 7792 or click the button below.


Book The Bugs Group Holiday Camps in Solihull

Children’s Mental Health Week


This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. A week that is focused on raising awareness and breaking the stigma that surrounds children’s mental health issues.


Currently, one in ten children have a mental health illness, which equates to three children in every classroom. Statistics also show that 75% of mental health illnesses start before the age of 18. This means there is a significant need for intervention as early as possible to help those suffering.


In modern society, children are subject to pressure from a number of different sources. This could be pressure from schools to perform well in exams/SATs, from parents to perform well at a sport or extracurricular activity, or even their peers through the rapid growth of social media.


While recent work from a number of mental health charities has helped to raise awareness of issues, there is still lots more work to be done to help ensure that children are given the best possible support.


YogaBugs are on a mission to improve children’s mental health across the country. Through our work in Schools and local community classes, we take children on story adventures combining Yoga and mindfulness practices.

YogaBugs Children's Mental Health Week

 Our classes also incorporate breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques. These techniques help children to ‘calm their mind’, reducing their stress and anxiety levels.


The theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Being Ourselves’. We believe that all children should be encouraged to be themselves and this is echoed throughout all of our classes.


It is vitally important that parents understand how to talk to their children about mental health, whilst also doing all they can to help create a positive mindset for their child. YogaBugs have created a number of Mindfulness sheets to help parents develop their children’s mental health and are accessible via our social media pages.

Children's Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week is an excellent idea to help generate awareness, however we must ensure that awareness is continued to be generated beyond this week, therefore encouraging more children to break the stigma around mental health and not be afraid to talk about their feelings.


For more information on YogaBugs, please visit our website here.

February Half-Term Sports Holiday Camps in Solihull!


There are now under 3 weeks until The Bugs Group’s Sports Holiday Camps in Solihull return! For February half-term we will be running our FootieBugs, DanceBugs and MultiBugs camps at venues across Solihull!


All of The Bugs Group’s Sports Holiday Camps in Solihull aim to keep children entertained and active during the school holidays. Our camps offer a range of fun and engaging sporting activities suitable for boys & girls aged 4-12 of all abilities. There are also junior coaching opportunities for 12-16 year olds for those aspiring for a career in sports coaching to gain valuable experiences. The Junior Coach programme is available at all three of our camps, for more information please click here.


The Bugs Group’s Sports Holiday Clubs are all BBC Get Inspired approved activities. Working in partnership with BBC Get Inspired, The Bugs Group are on a mission to get as many children as active and into sport as possible!


The FootieBugs Holiday Camp gives children the chance to learn new football skills whilst playing their favourite football games! Some of the fun games running will include; free kick target competition, penalty shoot outs and the crossbar challenge! The Friday at the camp is competition day – where children will be placed into teams and will compete to earn points for their teams! There are some fantastic prizes and trophies on offer to be won on competition day, while all children will take home a special well done certificate and medal – making everyone feel like a Football Superstar!


FootieBugs Sports Holiday Camps in Solihull

The DanceBugs Holiday Camp combines Dance, Acrobatics and Gymnastics movements and routines with acting to allow children to positively express themselves! Not only will kids learn new dance moves and routines, they will also create their own unique performance! The performance will then be showcased to all parents on the Friday, which will be followed by the end of week awards ceremony – where all children will receive a rosette and certificate!


DanceBugs Sports Holiday Camps in Solihull

Finally, the MultiBugs Holiday Camp offers an extensive range of over 30 sports and activities for children. There will be some of the kid’s favourite sports and games, including football and tennis, as well as some sports that children may not have experienced before, such as dodgeball or hockey. The MultiBugs Camp will also be running a competition day on the Friday at the camp, where similarly to the FootieBugs Camp, there will be fantastic prizes and trophies on offer for the competition winners and medals and certificates for all attending the competition day.


MultiBugs Sports Holiday Camps in Solihull


All of The Bugs Group’s Sports Holiday Clubs run across the Solihull area. Both the FootieBugs and DanceBugs camps run at the same venue of the Solihull Sixth Form. This works perfectly for siblings who wish to go to different camps, but can still attend the same venue! The MultiBugs Holiday Camp is held at a new venue, Tudor Grange Secondary Academy. All three camps run from 9:30am-3:30pm, with extended hours available from 8am-6pm.


 To book any of The Bugs Group’s Sports Holiday Camps in Solihull, please click  the button below or call 0121 777 7792!


Book The Bugs Group Holiday Camps in Solihull

The Bugs Group’s Junior Coach Programme!


The Footie and MultiBugs Junior Coach Programme is returning for our February half-term holiday camps across Solihull!


The programme is the perfect opportunity for 12-16 year olds aspiring for a future in football or sports coaching to gain valuable experience working with our expert coaches!


As part of the regular Footie and MultiBugs Holiday Camps at the Solihull Sixth Form and Tudor Grange Secondary Academy respectively, junior coaches will assist our coaches in the coaching and child care of children attending the camp, ranging from the ages of 4-12. Junior coaches will learn how to set up coaching sessions, coach a warm up and give support and feedback on technical skills and abilities!


The Bugs Group Junior Coach Programme


As part of the Junior Coach Programme, coaches will work through five different levels. At level one, Junior Coaches will learn the more basic aspects of coaching, where they will shadow our coaches and learn the correct way to set up sessions. By progressing through to level five of the programme, coaches will be able to set up and run a mini session, as well as a teach a technical skills session with detailed feedback and analysis.


Click here to watch a video featuring former Junior Coaches James and Sam discussing their experiences!


Junior Coaches that book onto the full week of the programme at either the Footie and MultiBugs Holiday Camp will receive a special FootieBugs or MultiBugs Junior Coach uniform, as well as a coaching workbook  to fill in throughout the week! All Junior Coaches will also receive a special certificate once they have passed all five levels of the programme.


The Bugs Group Junior Coach Programme


If you would like to take the first step into a career in football or sports coaching, gaining valuable experience working with our fully qualified coaches, then the Footie and MultiBugs Junior Coaching Programme is the perfect beginning. For more information or to book onto the programme at either of the February half-term Holiday Camps, please either call 0121 777 7792 or email

Cold Weather Triggering Asthma Problems – how Yoga can help!


As we approach Christmas and the New Year, we look set to face an extremely cold Winter season. The recent snow and ice looks set to reoccur in the coming Winter months, with cold weather triggering Asthma symptoms – read how Yoga and exercise could be the solution!


According to Asthma UK, around 75% of people believed that some asthma symptoms were caused by cold air. The cold air may contain more mould spores, which trigger airways to go into spasm once it has entered airways. These spasms lead to asthma symptoms, which can include; wheezing, difficulty breathing and wheezing.


Asthma symptoms can be reduced through participating in regular exercise, which can combat cold weather triggering asthma. Exercise can not only improve your lung capacity, therefore increasing stamina and reducing breathlessness, but also boost your immune system. A stronger immune system means that normal coughs and colds will be less likely to trigger asthma.


For some, exercise and physical activity can be a daunting challenge. Yoga is a non-competitive exercise that allows participants to progress at their own pace, building confidence and giving them a positive experience of physical activity. Yoga is also a low-cost activity and can be performed anywhere, without any special equipment!


There are a number of poses used in our YogaBugs adventures which specifically have benefits to help breathing issues, including asthma. The postures used open up the chest area, which increases lung capacity and helps to manage and reduce asthma problems. YogaBugs sessions also have a focus on developing children’s mindfulness, which helps to calm their mind and reduce anxiety and stress levels.


Some of the best poses that can help asthma and regulate breathing are the Fish pose and the Hero pose.


Cold weather triggering AsthmaCold weather triggering asthma











Fish – Start on your back and bring your hands alongside your tummy, bending your elbows so your head is off the floor and chest is pointing towards the ceiling. Open and close your mouth as a fish would, taking deep breaths.


Hero – Begin on your knees and pull the muscles of your lower legs out to the side, bringing your feet to point backwards and knees are together.


For more information on YogaBugs, please visit our website here.


The FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull!


The FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull is now just under two weeks away, with three days full of fun football and Christmas activities!


Running on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of December, the camp is the perfect opportunity for parents to get some last minute Christmas shopping in, while the kids can stay active whilst getting excited for the big day!


We have three fantastic Christmas themed days on offer at the camp, including Rudolph Day, Santa Day and finally our Christmas Cracker Competition Day!

FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull


On Rudolph Day, children will play some of their favourite football games with a special Christmas twist. Some of the games on offer will include a red nose target competition using our advanced Crazy Catcher rebound board, as well as our team reindeer races!


Thursday’s theme will be Santa Day! Santa Day will feature an activity circuit based around Santa’s workshop! Children will visit different stations within Santa’s workshop, whilst learning and perfecting lots of different skills and tricks!


Finally, the Friday of the Holiday Camp will be our Christmas Cracker Competition Day! Children will be put into different festive themed teams and will compete in a number of different games and matches to win some ‘cracking’ prizes and trophies! All kids attending the Christmas Cracker Competition Day will go home with a medal and a certificate.

FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull

The FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull will be running at the same venue of the Solihull Sixth Form (B91 3WR), just a few minutes away from Touchwood Solihull! DanceBugs are also running their Dance Christmas Holiday Camp at the Solihull Sixth Form, meaning it is perfect for siblings that may want to do different activities!


To book your child’s place on the FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp Solihull, please either call 0121 777 7792 or click the button below!


Book The Bugs Group Holiday Camps in Solihull

The Bugs Group’s Christmas Holiday Camps in Solihull!


There are now less than three weeks until the FootieBugs and DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camps in Solihull return! Both of the camps will feature some fantastic festive themed games and activities, making sure all children are excited and in the Christmas spirit ready for the big day!


The FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camp in Solihull offers three days packed full of children’s favourite football games with a Christmas twist! Some of the activities will include; Rudolph’s red nose target competition, reindeer races, Santa’s workshop circuit!

FootieBugs Christmas Holiday Camps in Solihull


Children will earn points for their teams ahead of the special ‘Christmas Cracker’ Competition Day on the Friday at the camp. Once in their festive themed teams, they will compete in lots of different games and activities to try and win some fabulous prizes! All children attending the Christmas Cracker Competition Day will leave with a medal and certificate!


The DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp in Solihull combines not only a variety of dance styles, such as freestyle, ballet and acrobatics, but also singing and acting. Children will use their imaginations to create their own unique Christmas themed show, which they will then perform to their parents at the end of the camp!

DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camps in Solihull


There will also be more festive themed dance games including; Rudolph’s travel, a Christmas Hunt following a trail left by Santa and also musical elf statues! Children will also design and make their own Christmas cards, as well as having the chance to dress up in Christmas outfits!


Both the FootieBugs and DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camps in Solihull are running on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of December at the Solihull Sixth Form (B91 3WR). The camps give parents the opportunity to get some last-minute Christmas shopping done at Touchwood Solihull!


To book your child’s place onto either the FootieBugs or DanceBugs Christmas Holiday Camp, please either call 0121 777 7792 or click to book onto the FootieBugs Camp or DanceBugs Camp.

DanceBugs Birthday Parties!


DanceBugs run fantastic Dance Birthday Parties for girls and boys aged 3+, offering a party packed full of fun games, different themes and special dance performances! At a DanceBugs Dance Birthday Party, the birthday boy/girl will have a truly memorable and special day celebrating their birthday and having lots of fun with their friends!


Last weekend DanceBugs hosted a special Frozen themed birthday party for Hannah and Ena’s 5th birthday!

DanceBugs Dance Birthday Parties


Both girl’s enjoyed a fantastic and magical birthday and were given special rosettes upon arrival! The birthday girls then played some fun party games with their friends, including musical statues and captains calling before taking on the limbo challenge!


They then enjoyed a sing along to ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen, before learning a unique dance specific to Frozen, using ribbons and scarves! The children then performed their performance to all parents before celebrating Hannah and Ena’s birthday with food and a special certificate ceremony!
DanceBugs Dance Birthday Parties


All DanceBugs parties are catered for each individual child, featuring a special theme that is perfectly suited to the child, for example: Frozen, Power Rangers, Princesses or Animals!


With each party having a unique theme, there is a wide variety of games and challenges that can be played, including some of the children’s favourites like: pass the parcel, balloon relay race and musical chairs. Parties also feature freestyle dance battles between all the children, with the winner taking home some fantastic prizes!


DanceBugs offer Dance Birthday Parties through different dance styles, such as: Freestyle, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Pom Dance, as well as Acrobatics or Cheerleading, based around the birthday boy/girl’s favourite theme. If you would like to book a DanceBugs Birthday Party for your child’s big day, please either call 0121 777 7792 or email!


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