YogaBugs Class Videos

Take part in a YogaBugs class at home with your child(ren). Scroll down to find the video under the relevant age group of nursery & reception, Year 1 & 2, year 3 & 4 and Year 5 & 6. There is a lesson plan overview to download with each video.


Nursery & Reception

The Crotchety Crocodile

Kippers Toy Box

Eddie the Elephant's Birthday Party​

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Year 3&4

Yoga Challenges Year 3 & 4​

Frozen Kingdom

Cardio Yoga 3&4

Ocean and Beach

How Animals Adapt to Survive

Mindful Eating

Introduction To Mindfulness

Year 5&6

How our body works

Cardio Yoga 5 & 6

The Food Chain

Relaxation Session

Yoga Sequences - through the Seasons

Yoga For The Body & Mind

Our Beautiful Blue Planet

Strengthening the body through yoga

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