Prince Harry – Increasing Awareness of Mental Health Issues


Prince Harry has recently spoken about the difficulties he faced regarding his emotional and mental well-being in dealing with the death of his mother at such a young age.

In his interview with ‘The Telegraph’, Prince Harry discusses how he was left close to a breakdown on a number of occasions and also suffered from anxiety. Through sharing his own story and discussing the problems he has faced, he is hoping to encourage awareness of mental health issues, including in young children.

Prince Harry is working alongside his brother, the Duke of Cambridge, for a mental health charity CALM. The BBC reported that Prince William also believes that a ‘stiff upper lip’ could be holding people back from discussing and expressing their feelings, thus potentially endangering their mental health. He further went on to discuss how he would want his own children to be able to talk about their feelings, something that Prince Harry has admitted he was unable to do.

Children’s mental health is becoming an ever-growing issue, with the Mental Health Organisation reporting that 1 in 10 children are affected by mental health problems. Good physical health and regular exercise is important to developing mental health, as well as practicing mindfulness.

YogaBugs combines Yoga inspired moves with breathing and relaxation techniques to improve children’s emotional well being, helping them to deal with anxiety and stress and building self confidence levels. Through practising this at a young age, children develop good mental health and resilience to cope with any potential issues later in life.

YogaBugs run a range of programmes in both schools and nurseries, as well as local Yoga Classes.

Contact Number: 0121 777 7792

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