The Bugs Group Mission

"The Bugs Group strives to be the global leader by defining children's activities, in offering fun, healthy and engaging skills for life, building on our passion and belief that every child has the right to gain access to professionally operated activity classes in a safe and comfortable environment."


The Bugs Group Brands

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Pressure free dance for children ages 3-12 yrs. Offering a range of dance styles and Acrobatics
Fun, unique and profressional football classes for children aged 3-12 years!
The largest children's yoga inspired activity in the UK, offering classes for children from walking to 12 yrs!
MultiBugs offers a range of sports for children aged 4-12 years, taught through imagination and focusses on improving core skills and physical development.
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RugbyBugs offers a fun and challenging rugby programme for children aged 3–12 years inspiring a lifelong passion for the game and its values.
Coming soon to TheBugsGroup!

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