New Childhood Obesity Stats show Shocking Number of Children ‘Severely Obese’


New studies have found that the Childhood Obesity crisis within the UK has now deteriorated even further. Research shows that 22,000 children in their final year at primary school can now be classified as ‘severely obese’ – the worst classification possible.


The figures also show that there is a rapid increase in the number of children classed as severely obese when starting school, which is 15,000. This worrying increase throughout primary school could be due to a number of different factors, most likely due to inactivity levels and a higher consumption of unhealthy food and drinks.


Children that are severely obese at a young age can have a number of worrying health issues. Children may develop breathing problems, including asthma and difficulties breathing during exercise, as well as an increased risk of joint problems such as osteoarthritis. There is also a greater likelihood that children will be overweight or obese as an adult, potentially developing heart problems and other illnesses.


On top of the physical health implications that come with children being severely obese, there are also a number of mental health issues children may suffer. Obesity can also lead to psychological problems such as a low self-esteem and low confidence and in some cases, bullying. As children leave primary school and transition to secondary school,  they may already be more vulnerable to psychological issues such as anxiety – and low confidence or bullying due to obesity will have a further negative effect on their overall wellbeing.


While policies such as the Sugar Tax are aiming to cut down consumption of sugary drinks, reinvesting the money into school sports programmes, more must still be done to help reverse these figures to reverse these childhood obesity trends. A collective effort needs to be shown from both schools and parents to encourage children to put down their phones/games consoles and get outside and get active, as well as providing more opportunities for children to exercise.


The Bugs Group work with schools providing fun and outstanding school sports sessions, through curriculum PE – as well as extracurricular clubs and lunchtime activities to encourage children to exercise and be physically active. The Bugs Group also run local community classes throughout weeknights and weekends, offering opportunities for children to participate in sport further – including Holiday Camps during all school holidays.

The Bugs Group fighting against childhood obesity

We are committed to fighting the current Childhood Obesity crisis by not only providing fun physical activity for children, but also educating them on a healthy lifestyle and creating positive experiences of a healthy lifestyle – increasing the likelihood of continuing to be active as they grow older. We work with children from the ages of three plus through FootieBugs, YogaBugs, DanceBugs and MultiBugs – ensuring that all children have the opportunity to enjoy a range of sports and exercises!


To find out more about The Bugs Group, please visit our website here.

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