“Play can help children become powerful learners”

This is the latest statement from an article featured in The Guardian about the importance of learning through play. They talk about how Early Years Education is about the promotion of health and wellbeing and making sure children are happy, creating much more competent learners.

Here at The Bugs Group, we are built on foundations that incorporates imaginative play into physical activity, thus creating the perfect balance. Through our YogaBugs, FootieBugs and DanceBugs sessions we focus on a particular story or theme, engaging children so they become engrossed in the adventure that they have been guided along by one of our fantastic and experienced teachers or coaches.

Our classes are currently being taught within schools, and are tailor made to address any behavioural and attainment issues, bridging the gap for children with Special Educational Needs, or to enhance children’s PE lessons once a week. Whatever a school needs, we can be sure we have a programme to suit.

Know an educational establishment that would be Interested? Brilliant!

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Head Office: 0121 777 7792

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