DanceBugs’ New Dance Classes in Solihull!


DanceBugs are delighted to announce that we are opening up four new Dance Classes in Solihull on Saturday Mornings!


Running from 9am to 11am every week, DanceBugs will be running four half an hour classes, all with a focus on different styles of dance. The four styles that will be taught in the classes are: Ballet, Tappers, Acrobatics and Freestyle! All of the new DanceBugs Dance Classes in Solihull run for boys and girls aged 2.5 to 6 years old! All of our classes run in line with the International Dance Teacher’s Association, of which DanceBugs manager Charlotte is a full member (Number 30525)!

DanceBugs Dance Classes in Solihull

Our Baby Ballet classes make learning to dance a fun, friendly and magical experience for children! Children will learn different ballet skills, exercises and routines. Our sessions not only improve dance ability, but also increase confidence through our caring and supportive environment where all abilities are welcome! Our Baby Ballet classes are taught through stories and adventures, with teachers encouraging children to use their own imagination to explore, have fun and make new friends along the way!


The Tiny Tappers class introduces children to a tap dance! Classes will begin with a fun and energetic warm-up, before leading into different tap techniques and steps. As children begin to develop their tap skills, they will learn specific routines based on their favourite Disney songs or stories. At the end of each term, the Tiny Tappers will perform their routine in a special showcase to their parents! Performances are always lots of fun and will be followed by  a rewards ceremony.


Designed to develop children’s agility, balance, co-ordination and gross motor skills, the Adorable Acrobatics class uses different acrobatics equipment to create amazing movements! Some of the Acrobatic skills children may learn include: forward rolls, cartwheels, bridges, handstands, headstands and many more! The classes are structured to also increase children’s confidence and self-esteem levels as they progress into harder acrobatic skills and challenge themselves. Our teachers are all specially trained and ensure that all skills are learnt in a safe and caring environment.


Finally, our Funky Freestyle classes are exciting, trendy and fun-filled, where children are encouraged to express themselves through movement. Our Funky Freestylers will learn the natural instinct to boogie and have fun with our energetic classes that make the body want to move! There are also a number of opportunities for children to take part in special performances throughout the year and show off their amazing moves on the big stage!


We can’t wait for all our new dance classes in Solihull to start – you can book your child onto a free taster session for any of our classes by calling 0121 777 7792 or click here!

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