The Bugs Group - Our Promise
You are at the forefront of everything we do and it is your wellbeing that forms the foundation that the group is built on. We will ensure that your safety and comfort is always of great importance and that regardless of age, size or sex you will always be treated with great respect.

Parents/Carers All our dedicated programmes focus on the importance of bringing the bug home. To achieve this we encourage family participation in all programmes by supplying a number of handouts, tip sheets, healthy recipes, exercises and fun games all aimed at making their Bug class more than just a weekly activity. “Why should the kids have all the fun?”

Partners The success of The Bugs Group is based on the quality and dedication of all its team members. Whether this is office staff based around the world, the hard working franchise networks or the wonderful teachers, instructors and coaches that bring all our programmes to life on a daily basis, each and every one of you are key to your business.

Suppliers One of the core values of The Bugs Group is Teamwork and as with any team the importance is  to work for the team, not for ourselves alone, which means that we can rely on one another and understand that each player has a very valuable part to play.


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