The Bugs Group successfully delivers national curriculum PE lessons for Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 across the UK.

As well as helping thousands of children improve their fitness levels, The Bugs Group makes exercise fun for children, increasing their participation in sport. Through our leadership schemes, we give children the knowledge and confidence to lead sports for other children during break times.

The Bugs Group have always had the edge due to the investment made by our research and development team, whose role is to continually assess, plan and deliver structured PE lessons that cover all areas of the national curriculum. We achieve this by not only using a range of sports, games and activities, but also by heavily investing in the latest equipment available.

As all pupil’s progress is assessed by fully trained Bugs Group coaches, we are in a perfect position to evaluate progression and learning outcomes against curriculum criteria that has been outlined by Ofsted. Pupil’s effort levels and behaviour are reviewed as well as their performance, to ensure children develop socially as well as physically.


As part of The Bugs group service level schools are provided with resources that includes:

  • Focus on effort and behaviour;
  • Lesson plans reflective of school learning objectives
  • lessons related to the Ofsted criteria

Areas covered for pupils in reception class:

  • Story based sports throughout yoga,football & dance;
  • Age relevant games and education
  • State of art equipment, materials and action rhymes

Areas covered for pupils in Years One to Six:

  • Dance – to encourage creativity
  • Yoga – to encourage mindfulness and develop motor skills
  • Football – to improve agility, balance & coordination
  • Acro – to improve core strength & flexibility
  • Invasion games – to create teamwork
  • Striking and fielding games – for hand to eye co-ordination
  • Athletics – for overall fitness and wellbeing
  • Net and wall games – to improve reaction & movement

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