The Bugs Group Behaviour schemes are often run as a lunch club, but can run within the curriculum, with a targeted group of children.

Through our behaviour scheme the children will learn:

  • To channel energy in a positive manor;
  • Rules, responsibilities and respect;
  • To understand their own feelings;
  • How to cope with negative emotions;
  • To trust, share and work with others;
  • Breathing and Relaxation techniques, help to focus their
    mind and keep them calm.

This is achieved through our targeted session plans and incentive schemes such as (captain’s armband, star of the week medals, high fives from coaches and end of term certificates) which reward children for their attitude, behaviour and consideration for others.

Lunch Club Training for Supervisors
During the lunchtime club our coaches teach the lunchtime supervisors sports games to play with the children, meaning the children have fun in a controlled environment and the supervisors have confidence in delivering simple sessions.
Bugs Guarantee The above will result in:

  • Less arguments/fights during lunch breaks
  • Better behaved children when going back into the class room
  • Easier and a more enjoyable time for the lunchtime supervisors
  • Children participating in a variety of sports

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