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The Bugs Group is proud to be working with Dorridge Primary School. 

We currently deliver YogaBugs, FootieBugs, DanceBugs and a number of our award winning multisport programmes. All of these classes provide Dorridge with an all-inclusive and non-competitive focus and the classes carefully link into the curriculum topics to further enhance the children’s learning experience.


To ensure success, our classes teach transferable skills such as co-ordination, terminology and patterns & pathways, all of which are key for learning across the curriculum.

How FootieBugs has Helped Dorridge...

Our FootieBugs classes are like no other, we place imagination at the centre of all of our football sessions, early years children are taken on exciting adventures where they become part of a stimulating story that revolves around a football. This could involve the space adventure where the ball becomes a power pack that must not be lost (dribbling becomes second nature) or could involve the Amazon adventure where all children must avoid Charlie the crocodile from stealing their ball. This style of ball control through imagination as often turned beginner level footballers into players who are comfortable with the ball at their feet.

How YogaBugs has Helped Dorridge...

As with FootieBugs, YogaBugs is also taught to the Dorridge children through interactive stories and adventures, engaging each child through their imagination but also incorporating yoga inspired moves, with breathing and relaxation techniques.

So as to reflect at Dorridge, YogaBugs uses story themes such as The Gruffalo’, ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘We’re Going on A Bear Hunt’, but turns an ordinary story into a totally interactive experience.

As the programme develops, the children begin to learn about how they can deal with their emotional and physical development by using the stories to express themselves as well as act out the different situations that the stories create.

How DanceBugs has Helped Dorridge...

When we first spoke to Dorridge about a profit share holiday camp, they simply needed a dance activity that would capture their imagination and keep them active. 


As is the theme of all Bugs activities, DanceBugs offers a fantastic variety of dance that allows children to express their creative side through dance steps and movement. They develop their flexibility, stamina, confidence along with social interaction whilst opening their eyes to variety of different dance genres including


  • Acrobatics
  • Street
  • Hip-Hop
  • Cheerleading
  • and much more.


Dorridge felt that DanceBugs was a great way of improving the children’s fitness and overall health in a pressure free environment. Our DanceBugs classes also allowed the talented individuals to progress their interest in Dance, even representing the school in the Dance Acrobatics competitions as governed by the British Gymnastics Governing Body.

How MultiBugs has Helped Dorridge...

To encourage children to embrace sport as a whole, MultiBugs (our multisport programme) is an all-inclusive and part-competitive mix of different sports and is the main activity in our profit share holiday camp. 


This allowed Dorridge children to develop emotionally, socially and physically, whilst making sure every child had a positive experience of physical activity. We focused on team work, trust, and discipline through all the sports and we tried to ensure all our MultiBugs sessions involved refining their social skills, this way we could see the children improving on a daily basis and enhance their learning experience through cross-curricular learning. 


One of the main positives from our MultiBugs camp was the variety the children got, because we covered a host of different sport that appealed to children’s needs we knew that we would see smiles from the minute they stepped foot in the class.


Let’s be honest, who else can say that they have used every muscle in the body and played in more than 8 different sports all in one day!


When we first met with Dorridge Primary School, one of their aims was very simple


“we are looking for engaging activity to get our early years into sport”


They also loved the idea of how The Bugs Group taught sport through stories.


  • Help build a child's creative side
  • Make sport fun
  • Improve a child's listening skills
  • Allow less children to feel worthy
  • Gain access to the best class plans
  • Build confidence through fun
  • Encourage children to take part in sessions
  • Work with a supplier they could trust

Our Programmes

  • Impact & Change Programme
  • PE / PPA Programme
  • SATS Preparation Programme
  • Mindfulness Programme

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