Prince Harry – Increasing Awareness of Mental Health Issues


Prince Harry has recently spoken about the difficulties he faced regarding his emotional and mental well-being in dealing with the death of his mother at such a young age.

In his interview with ‘The Telegraph’, Prince Harry discusses how he was left close to a breakdown on a number of occasions and also suffered from anxiety. Through sharing his own story and discussing the problems he has faced, he is hoping to encourage awareness of mental health issues, including in young children.

Prince Harry is working alongside his brother, the Duke of Cambridge, for a mental health charity CALM. The BBC reported that Prince William also believes that a ‘stiff upper lip’ could be holding people back from discussing and expressing their feelings, thus potentially endangering their mental health. He further went on to discuss how he would want his own children to be able to talk about their feelings, something that Prince Harry has admitted he was unable to do.

Children’s mental health is becoming an ever-growing issue, with the Mental Health Organisation reporting that 1 in 10 children are affected by mental health problems. Good physical health and regular exercise is important to developing mental health, as well as practicing mindfulness.

YogaBugs combines Yoga inspired moves with breathing and relaxation techniques to improve children’s emotional well being, helping them to deal with anxiety and stress and building self confidence levels. Through practising this at a young age, children develop good mental health and resilience to cope with any potential issues later in life.

YogaBugs run a range of programmes in both schools and nurseries, as well as local Yoga Classes.

Contact Number: 0121 777 7792

MultiBugs Holiday Camp in Harborne – Over 30 Different Sporting Activities!

Our MultiBugs Holiday Camp is back this week celebrating the Easter half term! Once again there is an incredible variety of different sports on offer to children to participate in whilst following a range of themes on each day.

Some of the sports on offer at the camp include; Tennis, Netball, Cricket, Dodgeball, Hockey and many more!

Our camps are focused on creating a fun and enjoyable experience for all children, meeting and making new friends and also to reach their full potential and improve skills in the sports they love.

Throughout the week, children can earn points for their teams before a special competition day at the end of the week, where there are a number of prizes and certificates given out to children in a presentation.

The MultiBugs camp is held in Harborne (South Birmingham) at Four Dwellings Academy, B32 1RJ.

For more information or to book your child’s place, call on 0121 777 7792, email or click the button below!

Catch the Dancing Bug at our DanceBugs Easter holiday camp in Solihull!



With the Easter half term break now upon us, it means the start of another of our DanceBugs holiday camps!


Children will keep active and have a fun time at the camp while learning a whole variety of different dance styles. The dance styles can range from jazz to ballet and even to street and freestyle!


Throughout the Easter break, children will explore their imagination the DanceBugs way and be able to get creative, forming their own special routine, which will be performed to all parents at the end of each week.

After the performance, all children will be awarded special certificates and rosettes for their excellent performance and effort over the camp!


The Solihull DanceBugs Easter camp is held at the Solihull Sixth Form College, just a few minutes to Solihull town centre and Touchwood shopping centre.

For more information on the Solihull DanceBugs camp or to book, call 0121 777 7792 or email

MultiBugs Holiday Camp is returning for EASTER at Four Dwellings Academy!!

GREAT NEWS! Our Jam packed – MultiBugs Holiday Camp is returning to Four Dwellings Academy this Easter but the news doesn’t just stop there!

If you book a full week you will be entered into a prize draw to win Whitsun week for FREE! But Hurry Spaces are filling up FAST.

Our MultiBugs Holiday Camp offers outstanding multi-sports childcare for children aged 4-12 years in the Harborne and Quinton area throughout all School holidays! In our Camps children, will enjoy over 30 sports, including rounder’s, football, badminton, dodgeball, netball, cricket, tennis, hockey, rugby, basketball to include a few! With Loads of games and activities each WEEK as well!

This Easter Holidays we are running our camp at Four Dwellings academy on Dwellings Lane, Quinton, Birmingham, B32 1RJ again on the following dates:

Week 1 – 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th April

Week 2 – 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st April


Don’t forget! – If you book a FULL MultiBugs Camp week 1 or 2 you can win Whitsun week for FREE!

At MultiBugs our camps offer children the opportunity to play their favourite sports and also try activities they have never had the chance to enjoy before! Each one of our camps is themed with our Easter Camp fast approaching we are having a special Easter egg hunt each week; leaving the children something to look forward to, while they are at the camp.

Children will get the chance to enjoy different sports each day and to earn points whilst working together as a team, at the end of the week we have a special competition day which will be held on 13th and 21st April! Where all children will go home with a medal and a certificate and have the chance to win trophies and some fantastic prizes!

As a parent, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your children are having an amazing time with our MultiBugs coaches who are qualified, fully insured, first aid trained and have an enhanced DBS.


At MultiBugs our goal is to create an enjoyable experience for all the children attending the camp, encouraging them all to reach their full potential, and to make new friends and of course have FUN. We aim to give every child an amazing experience that they can’t wait to come back! As a parent, sending your child to a camp that they LOVE and can’t stop talking about is a no brainer!

Our prices start from just £12 per dayMultiBugs Camps are a GREAT VALUE for money! And the No.1 choice for Holiday Camps in the Harborne and Quinton!

So why not reserve your space’s today by calling 0121 777 7792 or by clicking here to find out more information on our Website!

Don’t forget! – If you book a FULL MultiBugs Camp week 1 or 2 you can win Whitsun week for FREE!

The Bugs group Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week!

Birmingham Business, the Bugs Group, celebrates National Apprenticeship week by offering another young apprentice a full time job!

A high apprenticeship retention rate will be celebrated by the Bugs Group this week as they offer another young adult a promising career.

The Bugs Group specialises in children’s fitness, working within the community, schools and nurseries. Through, YogaBugs, DanceBugs, FootieBugs and MulitBugs they make exercise fun for all, by combining imagination and sport and ensuring all children have a positive experience in sports from a young age.

Bugs Group General Manager, Lisa Applebee, says “As a company we develop children through physical activity, it is great to also be able to help young adult kick start their careers. Often young adults are given ‘bad press’ about their attitude to working, and this really Bugs me as we have had a great experience with apprentices. They are the heart of our company, bringing enthusiasm, willingness to learn and fresh ideas to the Group. I would recommend the apprenticeship scheme to all companies”.

The Bugs Group are proud to be part of the apprenticeship scheme and have found and developed really valuable members of their team.

Demi Foy, the Bugs Group administrator & social media guru is the latest apprentice to accept a full time position at the company and talks about her experience as an apprentice:

“I chose to do an apprenticeship as I wanted to work and learn and earn money at the same time and it could lead to a full time job at the end”.

“The biggest challenge I faced when I joined the company was adjusting from such a small part time job to such a busy, large working environment”

“The Bugs Group is a fun and loving company, I have always wanted to work with children, and the and at the Bugs Group, children are at the heart of everything we do.”

Demi Foy accepted her full time role this week and the Bugs Group are searching for their next superstar!


Widen the horizon of children’s minds…and your own


A TED Ed talk by a ‘child prodigy’ has inspired us, and reminded us why we do what we do. The lesson hosted by 12 year old Adora Svitak old states just why we need to think more like children instead of supressing high expectations, behaviours and attitudes that will allow us to follow our dreams. The outcome of her speech concluded that “the world needs “childish” thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity, and especially optimism”.

The Bugs Group is built around imagination and creating a healthy body and mind in children of all abilities. We encourage our teachers and coaches to ‘play’ and genuinely enjoy themselves whilst teaching, which makes the learning and development flow during a lesson. It is much more of a challenge to get an adult to open their mind and just lose all inhibition, and we often envy children’s ability to be footloose and fancy-free!

The ethos of the group is to help each and every child reach their true potential in a supportive and safe environment whilst keeping the fun well and truly alive.

Each of our group companies uses their own specific expertise and experience to build programmes that are extremely enjoyable as well as highly educational.

Children at the forefront of everything we do and it is their wellbeing that forms the foundation that the group is built on. We will ensure that their safety and comfort is always of great importance and regardless of age, size or sex they will always be treated with great respect.

With YogaBugs we have ensured that the core benefits of yoga are entwined with interactive stories that stretches imagination builds self-confidence and enhances self-esteem to support each child both physically and mentally. Each and every YogaBugs class is taught by experienced instructors who not only share our passion but also believe in the importance of encouraging children to lead a happy and healthy life.

With FootieBugs we have underpinned the benefits from one of the world’s most popular sport to create a specific programme that incorporates Balance, Coordination, Flexibility and Focus with the importance of teamwork and social interaction. Our coaches have achieved great success in their own football careers; they fully understand the value of a healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise and above all; fun and laughter.

With DanceBugs we’ve created funky dance classes for kids to encourage children to express themselves positively, gaining confidence and social skills through music and movement! DanceBugs classes have been designed age appropriately with a big emphasis on creativity and fun, offering a variety of different styles of dance classes from Ballet and Tap to Freestyle and Street!

Each and every lesson we create is grown from the principles of a child’s imagination. We delve into the world of a child, and it allows us to let go of any hang-ups and just have FUN! So if this is ‘childish thinking’, then we are one big ‘childish’ group.

To find out more go to

or drop us a call on

0121 777 7792

More “non-competitive activities such as yoga and dance” needed in primary schools


In response to a recent BBC Education News article “PE ‘Cinderella subject’ for too long, says report” by Katherine Sellgren, we are speaking up about what we can do to help.

A recent report by All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has stated that PE in schools is a subject that has been neglected for too long. It stresses the importance of reducing childhood obesity by instilling a genuine love for physical activity that lasts a lifetime.

Co-chair of the APPG Baroness Benjamin said; “The long-term adverse effects of obesity and overweight in childhood are now generally recognised. The need to combine sport with the knowledge of good nutrition and a healthy diet is now understood.”

Here at The Bugs Group, we believe that taking part in exercise that you actually enjoy makes all the difference. This love for sporting activity can make a huge positive impact in the life of a child, meaning that they grow to become a healthy and happy adult.

A Department for Education spokeswoman said: “We want to encourage all young people to get into the healthy habit of playing and enjoying sport – both inside and outside school.”

The emphasis of the report details how schools must offer a wider range of activities, where children can explore different sporting opportunities; to be less ridged with their old school approach and scrap “skill drill lessons”. Over £450 million has already been given to schools to improve the quality and quantity of PE sessions, and they have been using those funds to bring in external interventions allowing children to discover new kinds of sports.

“[Girls in particular] run the risk of becoming disenfranchised from physical activity. This could be addressed by ensuring that PE lessons offer a wider type of physical activity, to cater for different tastes and abilities.” the APPG report says.

“These might include general physical activity such as running and climbing, non-competitive activities such as yoga and dance and individual sports such as swimming.”

PE lessons within primary schools need to continue to improve by opening up to new and innovative sports, in order to reflect the many ways children can express themselves physically.

Our well established YogaBugs, DanceBugs and FootieBugs programmes can be tailored to the needs of each individual school. YogaBugs in particular is very popular in educational settings where children have low attainment and behavioural issues, and also have less enthusiasm for taking part in PE. The YogaBugs programme allows children to develop at their own pace and allows them to develop on their own terms, making improvements that can be seen even in the classroom.

Find out what we can do to enrich PE Provision in schools

0121 777 7792

Solihull Observer Feature: FootieBugs Academy!

Check out a fantastic feature in the Solihull Observer, reporting on the FootieBugs Academy!

Solihull observer: footiebugs feature!

It seems as though Birmingham City’s Academy has caught the ‘FootieBug’ after two players from an elite training programme for youngsters in Solihull were signed up. Connor Corbett and Lily Falahee are both members of the FootieBugs Academy, which provides coaching for young footballers in the area from under-six to under-12 level.

Talented six-year-old Connor has secured a place at Birmingham City’s Academy after being scouted by the Championship club while in action during the under-7s age group. Despite his young age, Connor has already established such a great presence on the pitch and displays skills of children double his age with a wonderful left foot. After watching him in action, the Blues scout commented…Read more here>

“Play can help children become powerful learners”


This is the latest statement from an article featured in The Guardian about the importance of learning through play. They talk about how Early Years Education is about the promotion of health and wellbeing and making sure children are happy, creating much more competent learners.

Here at The Bugs Group, we are built on foundations that incorporates imaginative play into physical activity, thus creating the perfect balance. Through our YogaBugs, FootieBugs and DanceBugs sessions we focus on a particular story or theme, engaging children so they become engrossed in the adventure that they have been guided along by one of our fantastic and experienced teachers or coaches.

Our classes are currently being taught within schools, and are tailor made to address any behavioural and attainment issues, bridging the gap for children with Special Educational Needs, or to enhance children’s PE lessons once a week. Whatever a school needs, we can be sure we have a programme to suit.

Know an educational establishment that would be Interested? Brilliant!

Get in touch;

Head Office: 0121 777 7792

Childhood Obesity is ‘Bugging’ us…

Cancer Research UK created a school uniform shop highlighting how XL uniforms could become the norm if the Government doesnÕt take stronger action to tackle childrenÕs obesity following the release of their Childhood Obesity Plan. Email your MP to act now at . This photo may only be used in for editorial reporting purposes for the contemporaneous illustration of events, things or the people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Re-use of the picture may require further permission from the copyright holder. Photo credit should read: Adrian Brooks/Imagewise

| Natasha Wood | The Bugs Group |

In response to the article ‘Childhood obesity – Government blasted over new ‘watered down’ strategy’ by Andy Richards, we believe that more needs to be done for the next generation of children – and to put a stop to Childhood Obesity.

The general consensus is that the Government is not doing enough to end this endemic. The ‘watered-down strategy’ in question is not and cannot currently provide the results that we so desperately need in order to seriously improve the health of overweight and obese children. These children are at risk of developing multiple health issues that will affect the rest of their lives. We believe we need to help these families.

To a child, who is vulnerable and very impressionable, they just want to do and eat what they enjoy. It is frightening that in this day and age that kids are being encouraged to stay in to play on their iPads whilst snacking on an immense choice of ‘goodies’ – and all still encouraged by big companies.

We want to educate children on how to live a happy and most importantly healthy life, by changing their attitude to exercise. Children need to know how to look after their bodies by eating well and keeping fit. We want children to know that exercising can be the best fun that they have ever had.

Here at The Bugs Group, we have devoted our careers on doing just that – to come up with such a balance of fun and fitness. Our ‘Eureka!’ moment was recognising that by combining story-telling with exercise, children didn’t even realise they are having a work out.

The Bugs Group – which currently consists of YogaBugs, FootieBugs and DanceBugs – lies in the heart of Birmingham and has expanded out to the rest of the country.

For this strategy to really work, well you know what they say, “…it takes a village”. It must be everyone’s responsibility to make it happen. We want to work together with the schools and nurseries around the country to address the problem and reinforce the aim of this strategy.


In a recent statement, Dr Adrian Phillips Birmingham Director of Public Health stated that;

“Towns and cities across the UK,  face a childhood obesity problem and there is no simple solution….

…we recognise there is a wider problem that will not be addressed overnight…

…We can only tackle this issue if individuals, parents and grandparents, councils, health professionals and the Government work together for the good of our children… we’re also looking at a range of measures, including increased opportunities for physical activity.”

In another a statement by the Public Health Minister Nicola Blackwood, it was vowed that;

 “This Government is absolutely committed to reducing childhood obesity and one of the best ways to do this is to boost sports in schools.”


Here at The Bugs Group, we fully support the driving force behind these statements and we want to emphasise how there should be better opportunities for physical activity within schools. We want to engage more children in exercise that they truly enjoy, as well as increasing confidence, enhancing social interaction, raising attainment back in the classroom and most of all, making children happier and healthier.

Almost 1 in 5 children are overweight or obese when they start primary school. This rises to 1 in 3 by the time they leave primary school… Based on current trends, half of all children will be obese or overweight by 2020.”

– Obesity Health Alliance.

Yet more shocking statistics which show that we need to act now, and also earlier. The key to the problem is not just treating the symptoms, but eliminating the cause. We aim to work within the Early Years and develop a real love for exercise from a young age. We hope to get children involved in sports through choice, and to make sports all-inclusive for all abilities, and to fit well within family life.


To find out more about the programmes we run to help defeat childhood obesity,

visit us at

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